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Founded in 2005, UTUE (Universal Truth, Ultimate Education) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence for professional and personal transformation. We teach people how to access the best of themselves for success in all areas of life.

Our team of respected intuitive coaches, instructors, and therapists have over 40 years of experience teaching people how to develop their own internal resources so they can experience optimum external results. We maintain a practical focus, helping students impact their lives directly in concrete ways.

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Living Lighter

Living Lighter is a UTUE program designed to empower you with the tools to lead a happier, more balanced life. We do this using a completely new approach you won’t find anywhere else called the Ecosystem Approach™.

Join us for our weekly radio show Mondays at 1PM featured on the #1 positive talk network, streaming live on and Or checkout our archive of downloadable shows from previous weeks!

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