5 Little Known Factors that Affect Your New Year Resolutions

5 Little Known Factors that Affect Your New Year Resolutions

1) A resolution is a promise to yourself, and if you make a promise to yourself and can’t keep it, you will feel shame. That shame (whether it is conscious or not) will sabotage future promises to yourself.

2) If you use willpower or force to achieve a resolution, it takes away energy of willpower from some other part of your life. Willpower is not a sustainable behavior and can be toxic in your life. Many falsely believe that you can use willpower over and over again when the truth is you can only use so much before it starts to hurt you. Willpower is not a sustainable behavior.

3) Setting a resolution often carries the expectations of quick results; When these results are not attainable, the expectations become a reason to be judgmental and critical of yourself, which will undermine your original resolution and future resolutions.

4) A resolution puts pressure on yourself to change a behavior. If you are ready to make the behavior change, great! Your body understands what it is capable of naturally and it’s time schedule may be different than yours. So if your body is not ready to change the behavior, the pressure can put added stress into your life and make it difficult to perform in other areas, derailing your efforts.

5) If you make a resolution to please someone else, then you may be denying your own needs, and the resolution could hurt you and the other party more than it will help to bond in the moment.

So what is the answer?

Set an intention – instead of a resolution. Resolution is a specific goal with a deadline. I am going to lose 10 lbs. by March 15. Restated as an intention, I intend to lower my carbohydrate intake and increase my aerobic time per week from this many minutes to this many minutes, and intend to increase my walking time by 1 hour per week total. Listen to your body and let it set the schedule. If you are not able to maintain your intention, easily and without judgment go back to it and start over or renew your efforts. This is a natural and organic way to treat your body. Happy New Year!

~Connie Tommerdahl