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We are experts in the newest frontier of subtle energies. Our expertise is the use and the perception of subtle energies with over 30 years of collective experience to apply them in the modern world.  In reality this is not new but thousands of years old. In our modern culture it has been invisible and discredited but has the potential to provide the missing links to many of your questions and difficulties that most people face. The understanding and perception of Subtle Energies is the missing link to big questions about life and very practical help regarding day-to-day challenges and difficulties.  Happiness, fulfillment, purpose and true human potential are among a few of the areas of great struggle because we are using an incomplete view of the world.  This incomplete view forces us to look for answers in the wrong places.  Those answers are not possible because we are missing a major piece of the puzzle.  There are amazing benefits that can be available to all of us though the understanding and the use of subtle energies.

The invisibility of subtle energies has created a culture where we assume that we can overcome challenges and difficulties by taking some sort of action. The lack of understanding that these subtle energies are the root causes of common day to day challenges creates a focus on strategies and techniques to get rid of them.  Sometimes doing something can affect these energies but they are indirect ways to influence them when our real goal is to change the energy itself.  But we are trained to do something and to take some action but what we really want is to remove these negative energies.

In today’s world suggestions, support and help for day to day challenges come in the form of strategies and techniques. They run the complete spectrum from happiness, health, wellbeing, and all types of performance.  In reality there is nothing that subtle energies cannot effect and many of us assume that what we call a “state of being” is really a subtle energy that we don’t acknowledge!  Both our Living Lighter program and our Natural Leadership program addresses Wellbeing and Leadership by affecting the subtle energies as opposed to giving magic formulas and techniques.  It is interesting to note that it is common place to focus on some type of “do this” formula that is an indirect way to influence the energy rather that work with the energy itself.

Many have a predisposition to function in the tangible world.  Science struggles with intangibles like happiness, love, hate and things that cannot be perceived with the five senses.  However, it is the intangibles that hold the secrets to life and wellbeing.  We have lots of experience making these intangibles practical and useful for modern everyday life in ways that are easy and not strange!

Here are some examples of major areas of life that can be better with a subtle energy approach.  This table can illustrate how using strategies and formulas in indirect ways can be negative rather than using subtle energies in a direct way which is often superior.

Area Indirect Methods Direct Energy methods
Happiness Changing where you live, how you work, or generally removing the things in your life that make you unhappy are common ways people attempt to be happy. Happiness is an energy and natural byproduct of being in alignment with the authentic part of yourself.  When you make changes in your world that don’t change the energy the unhappiness will persist! Directly working with these energies is far more effective!
Stress Many experts will encourage you to reduce stress.  Often the assumption is that you’ll just do it or reduce stress by avoiding certain activities or things that “make you feel stressed!” Stress is a subtle energy and you can change the persons and things that make you stressed but the subtle energy of stress will just find another way to express itself in your life. Directly working with the energies of stress is far more effective and beneficial.
Health There are many methods using drugs, surgery, natural supplements, and alternative techniques to improve health.  We are trained to look at the body in terms of measures of key factors to determine overall health and when those key factors are out of a statistical norm then we use drugs and techniques to bring them back to normal levels. The core part of one’s health is the level of Life Force.  Science doesn’t understand life force because it is a subtle energy that can only be perceived by intuition.  However, it is the most powerful and important part of health that is often is invisible and hard to effect.  Working directly with Life Force and the subtle energy of the body is a necessary part of restoring health in a person’s body!
Wellbeing There is considerable information out in the world about this topic and common advice comes in terms of things to do!  m Wellbeing at the core is an energy. Directly working with wellbeing as a subtle energy is the most effective means to bring about change.
Money, success The belief in our society today is that if you work hard and be persistent you will have money and success.  Not true! There are many people who have worked hard all their lives and have nothing to show for it. There are many strategies and techniques that help people make money and have success but often don’t work or if they do work it doesn’t last. Success in this world does not come about with strategies and techniques it is the result of intangibles, like having the energy of success, a certain energy that attracts money, and financial security.  These energies have more to do what determines success. Many believe that these energies come naturally but working with subtle energies they can be developed.
Weight loss There are thousands of diets and weight loss programs as well as exercise programs but all these techniques are missing a valuable component.  We’ve been taught that calories are key and many have been enslaved to tracking calories in and also trying to burn calories to lose weight. What is rarely considered is that there are energies/emotions that fat cells and excess weight are attached to.  When weight is lost without also removing the emotions of depression, anger, fear and others then those other energies attract the weight back which is responsible for the yo-yo effects of weight loss.  Also many believe that weight loss will make them happier and more confident but when the negative emotions (subtle energies) remain they continue to feel those negative emotions.
Relationships Relationships with spouses, children, relatives, co-workers is often a major factor in our life in general.  Strategies and techniques are often ineffective and useless. All the “do this” to have a better marriage, or happy kids or better relationships in general rarely work and at best are not sustainable. Relationships at the core is an exchange of subtle energy and can be understood and changed by affecting the subtle energy.  People connect on an energy level.  The energies that make you more attractive or the energies that help you have better relationships can come about working directly with these energies!

We know that using and making subtle energies a central part of your life is essential for both the big challenges and also for the small everyday struggles we all face.

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