What is an Intuitive

Our Intuition!

Intuition is the pathway that allows us to connect with subtle energies and understand how to benefit from their use! It is the use of our intuition at the highest levels that gives us our expertise. Through intuition we are able to connect with the authentic part of ourselves and the authentic part of others.  Intuition is the pathway to life force and the understanding how to access it and work with it.

Everyone has intuition and we use that word to describe ourselves because it is natural and organic to human beings as well as other living beings.  We have developed ours to a high level of proficiency and we use it all day every day to assist our clients and support their learning about important intangibles in their personal life.

We use the word intuitive to describe who we are but it does not have a formal definition. We have coined this word to describe what we do.  We avoid other descriptions because of negative connotations and misperceptions that are abundant today.  Intuition is natural part of life and we help all our clients develop this part of themselves.  Everyone has intuition but it has been systematically trained out of us by having creating a focus on external information.  It is common today to need a “study” to tell us how to do almost everything.  We don’t trust our instincts (intuition) or knowing that is unique to each of us.

Intuition is the way we each connect to our unique essence! We have been programed to believe in a “one size fits all” world.  There are best practices, techniques, formulas and training that helps us do everything but never takes into consideration our own unique nature. There is a false presumption that we are like machines to be programed with formulas and techniques that strips us of our true power that comes from accessing and developing our individual essence. Science acknowledges that we are unique with individual DNA but it still trys to group and clump people together to train them and tell them how to live, be healthy and happy.

The truth is that we are unique apart from our physical DNA and that unique part of us is what I call Essence.  This is an intangible force that is one of the most powerful, intelligent and profound that is connected to each of us uniquely.  Understanding the power of Essence is a new frontier and promises great potential for human development, healing and performance.  The only way to understand Essence is through intuition.  It is intuition that gives us access to this unique place in ourselves.  It is also the tool that Patricia and I use to help our clients for over 30 years.  Our intuition gives us access to help others, not with formulas, quick fixes or one size fits all but from a deep understanding of each person’s individual nature, their Essence!