Bad Things are happening to me – What do I do?

Bad Things are happening to me – What do I do?

I often have clients tell me about some bad things that have happened. Some of the questions that come up are:

  • Did I bring this upon myself?
  • When ‘bad’ things happen, is negative energy attached to the situation?
  • If so, How do I get rid of the negative energy?

First, look at the reasons why “bad” things happen.

Our Energetic Environment

We live in energy fields that affect us and everything around us; let’s refer to this as emotional weather. This emotional weather is unconscious for most of us; when we end up ‘drenched’ in this emotional weather, we don’t realize we just walked through a rainstorm.

Negative energy attached to me

Many times we can pick up some type of bad energy in the moment that causes bad things to happen. These energies can come from others who may be sharing their bad energy, dumping it on us for whatever reason. These energies may also come from an environment, for example if we were to get caught in a traffic jam but had plenty of time and if we were enjoying a special program on the radio? There would be no immediate reason to get angry, but let’s say you begin to get agitated and resentful. It could be from the anger around you.

Lesson for me

Many clients ask me “what is the lesson?” or “Did I bring this on myself to learn something?” These are good questions, but implied in the questions is the idea that there is one answer. The truth is, there are many answers and many ways to approach the question. There are many lessons attached to everything we do; the difference is when “bad” things happen, we usually take notice.

So what do I do when bad things happen?


The negative energy attached to me
The veils and illusions to my clarity about the lessons I’m supposed to learn
The veils and illusions to my clarity about good and bad
The false belief that black and white thinking is the only option