Can you experience abundance when struggling with career and money?

Can you experience abundance when struggling with career and money?

YES, you can have abundance when you are unemployed, or struggling with your finances! In fact, if you don’t connect with this abundance, this period will be more challenging. Abundance is not about having things, status, and reputation, which are external to you, its about having the internal capacity to be satisfied in all circumstances. Developing these internal abilities while you have a financial crisis can be extremely helpful and beneficial. This abundance applies to all areas of your life, not just money and career.

Abundance is:
• the ability to be satisfied and enjoy what you have in all situations
• the ability and the capacity to create options regardless of the circumstances
• the ability to take action and pursue all your options

Going inward is about removing trauma and negative energies from your essence so you can evolve. Your essence does not benefit from a high salary, a good reputation, or acquiring material possessions; it benefits by living one’s external life by being in alignment with it and expressing your true self in all that you do.

Suggestion: Clear the barriers that keep you from enjoying what you have; the capacity to create options in your life; and the ability to take action. Join us on Thursday to gain a new perspective on what abundance can bring to you.