21st of May 2012

The Secret to Following Your Heart

How do you follow your heart? Listen to this inspiring video series from our Executive Director Jason Rohn about how to authentically follow your heart. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV8h1TjVzcM?rel=0]   [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtVzLNc7eDU?rel=0]   [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTlyXMyIFWU?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

5th of February 2012

Why Willpower and Self-Discipline Never Work

15th of January 2012

Live Your Dream Like Martin Luther King – Find Your Inspiration!

In his famous speech, Martin Luther said “I have a dream”, which has inspired millions of people to change and act in a better way toward their fellow man. It continues to inspire many people today. As I re-read the transcript of this great speech, it stirs great passion and hope in my heart for […]

9th of January 2012

5 Little Known Factors that Affect Your New Year Resolutions

1) A resolution is a promise to yourself, and if you make a promise to yourself and can’t keep it, you will feel shame. That shame (whether it is conscious or not) will sabotage future promises to yourself. 2) If you use willpower or force to achieve a resolution, it takes away energy of willpower […]

3rd of January 2012

How to Recover From The Holiday Hangover Today

The holidays have come and gone. It is totally normal to feel a letdown. After all the expended energy and excitement, stimulation and celebrating, it is natural to feel the void of energy as we settle back down into our ordinary routine. That routine might even feel rather boring and mundane after all the celebration. […]

24th of December 2011

The Gift

So often we hear the question: What do I do now? I don’t know the new way to be, yet. I do know that the old way isn’t working for me. But, I feel uncomfortable not knowing how to do things differently. First, we see the old programming, the Ego, the ‘Virtual Self’, suspended in […]

22nd of December 2011

The Secret to Getting into the Spirit of the Holidays

The other day someone was telling me that a relative was going to help the family get into the spirit of the holidays by having everyone exchange handmade gifts. I’ve heard stories of families going to soup kitchens to help feed the homeless or do some type of charitable work – to get into the […]

11th of December 2011

Secret to Creating Balance for the Holidays – A Green Personality

To have a green personality means to be natural and authentic from your essence. How is this possible when we have been trained to do the season of giving with competition, jealousy and go, go, go? Not to mention ‘to say all the right platitudes’ that have been taught from the past. And finally, the […]

4th of December 2011

Are holiday expectations stressing you out?

Look around, expectations of the holiday season are around us all. This is supposed to be a season of joy, happiness, celebration. But for many, before they can experience the joy, they experience increased stress. Here is a short list of holiday season todo’s that might have been added to your current stress: Make travel […]

27th of November 2011

Diabetes: A Mother’s Story

Written by UTUE Director Patricia Rohn It is difficult for me to write this story because of my feelings about my daughter with this disease. I have struggled with feelings of fear, hopelessness, shame and anger and I know that these overwhelming emotions can be almost as difficult as the disease itself. The mind-body connection […]