18th of May 2011

Why do Babies Cry?

Do you remember? You were in this great place for 9 months, it was warm, comfortable and inviting. All your needs were met, when you were hungry there was food, when you needed to sleep you slept and when you needed exercise you did baby aerobics. You could talk to mom whenever you wanted and […]

30th of March 2011

What do Pam Howland, Chopin, and Clearing have in common?

Update Since this article was first posted in February, at the beginning of a journey to raise seed money.  If successful, a group of creators will be  able to move into the next stage of producing a documentary about Chopin, in honor of his  200th birthday.  With just 1 day to go, this project has […]

18th of March 2011

What Japan needs right now!

What Japan needs right now! The news is full of images of the devastation in Japan.  Destruction for miles and miles, boats on top of buildings, pictures of emotional people in sheer terror; then in stark contrast, we see workers at the nuclear reactors who are risking their lives to save the millions that live […]

11th of February 2011

Tips to make the best of your Valentines Day

  Join us for a fascinating, timely discussion. Jason and Patricia will be featured on The Sami G Show, a radio blog show hosted by Samantha Gilbert, Holistic Nutritionist. What comes to mind when you think of seduction, sex and food? Make this Valentine’s Day your most memorable ever with these key components designed to […]

21st of December 2010

Rudolph’s Red-Nose Dilemma

Rudolph was a reindeer with a unique nose. Some saw his nose as bright red, others said it was shiny, and still others said it glowed. Rudolph, whose uniqueness was very well noted, was very unhappy, because all his life he felt unworthy and self-conscious. He did not fit in with the other reindeer, never […]

23rd of November 2010

We are changing the world with UTUE – here’s how! And how you can help!

Today is UTUE’s birthday! In honor of our birthday, we invite you to share our mutual passion – transformation personally and worldwide. Here is how we’re changing the world! Start with yourself We have all heard that the answers to life are within, to go inward, trust yourself, listen to your heart, be true to yourself etc. […]

10th of November 2010

Why do we use the same energy to lose weight that we use to gain it?

The coach is in my face, screaming “Push it! drive it through, give me one more (rep)”. When I was in high school sports and then in the Army, this happened often as we did physical training and tried to be the best! Like everyone else I just assumed this was the way to maximum […]

30th of October 2010

Ooooohh! Are the ghosts of Halloween Scary???

“I see dead people” oooohh! This is a famous line from the movie “The 6th Sense”. In that movie I remember a scene where the little boy who had the ability to see dead people walked into an old building and he saw all these people hanging from nooses. It really scared me! The truth […]

14th of October 2010

Good Luck Bad Luck? Who knows? Update of an old Chinese Proverb

Jane is driving to work while talking to her friend Sara. All of a sudden her she sees a flashing red light in her rear view mirror. A highway patrol officer is pulling her over. She looks at Sara and says, “I am going to get a speeding ticket!” Sara says to Jane, “What bad […]

28th of September 2010

Bad Things are happening to me – What do I do?

I often have clients tell me about some bad things that have happened. Some of the questions that come up are: Did I bring this upon myself? When ‘bad’ things happen, is negative energy attached to the situation? If so, How do I get rid of the negative energy? First, look at the reasons why […]