26th of May 2010

How We Deceive Ourselves: CORE

Do you trust your gut?? Do you make decisions based on how you feel? We do too (at UTUE) but here is the big BUT!! We know that our intuition (gut feel) can be distorted the same way we distort the truth about ourselves. The filter we use to see ourselves is the same filter […]

18th of May 2010

Past Lives affect you whether you know it or not

Last week we talked about Past Lives, asking: are they real, how to we use this information positively, and how use it negatively. This week, our focus is on how our past lives affect us now, especially as it relates to weight and weight loss. Think back in history, hundreds and thousands of years. There […]

17th of May 2010

Welcome to the UTUE Blogpost

Initiating a new way to connect with UTUE, we have started a UTUE blogpost. UTUE is dedicated to helping people increase their emotional intelligence, be it through your personal wellbeing, how you express yourself through your work, or by how you live your life. You will find blog entries from our teachers regularly here! If […]

12th of May 2010

Past Lives and weight loss

Many people ask us if we believe in past lives. Are they real? Can we use the information in a positive way? How do we use past life information in a negative way? Are past lives real? In our experience, past lives are not a question of belief, it is a question of perception; when […]

3rd of May 2010

Do you experience yo-yo weight?

If you suffer from yo-yo dieting, what causes you to lose weight, hoping it will be different this time, just to gain it back? Do you believe it is lack of discipline, self control, laziness, etc??? If normal weight was ‘normal’, why should it be so challenging to maintain ‘normal’ weight’ that we have to […]

28th of April 2010

Earth Day, Pollution, and Negative Energy

I love Earth Day! Honoring this day gives us an opportunity to focus on the largely invisible damage that is happening all around us. Today, I put forward my perspective about pollution, toxins, and anything else polluting the earth. As an Intuitive, I can see connections that are invisible to many regarding pollution. When I […]

19th of April 2010

Living Lighter in Spring time

I love spring time! At UTUE, we focus on how to overcome challenges; today I want to talk about how to make spring even more enjoyable! Everyone I know loves spring, whether you’re here in California or in a place where there is has been a hard winter – when the seasons change, signaling the […]

6th of April 2010

Self care: Learning about Yourself when Feeling Ill

Because we are all human, we are susceptible to the energies around us. When we are not focusing on taking care of ourselves, but trying to take care of everyone else, often times this leaves us vulnerable to the illnesses of the seasons. When we find ourselves being vulnerable, the basic advice is to rest […]

24th of March 2010

What to do about the uglies?

If you struggle with the Uglies you can overcome them by first identifying the situations and feelings with emotions, and then clearing them. Let’s take a look at three examples: Abby is trying on her jeans that fit the last time she wore them and now she can barely zip them up. Abby panics and […]

17th of March 2010

Do you experience the uglies?

When we feel ugly and see ugly in the mirror, we think it is us. Something is wrong with us! Yet is might be negative energy around our relationships, careers and even our own health that is can causing us to negatively judge and criticize ourselves, especially around our physical appearance. We might not even […]