8th of December 2009

Failure…or not?

The external world defines success and failure in very primitive terms. Often real success and failure has to be seen in context of you as an individual and whether it is in alignment with your essence and purpose. As you clear away negative emotions, you can create opportunities that come packaged as failure, if allowed […]

24th of November 2009

Change the World – Start with youself!

During the Holidays we are inspired to contemplate a better world. At UTUE our focus is always on positive change and we acknowledge that the positive change always starts with us personally. There are two types of change; virtual change and authentic change. The vast majority of us are trained to only know one type […]

17th of November 2009

Clearing Holiday Stress

Holiday stress is often the result of bad memories, past disappointments, unfinished grieving and conflicts with family. The best way to work with those emotions is to clear them and then activate Creator Energy to make sure you’re OK in the moment.

15th of November 2009

UTUE entered a Windows 7 contest last week

Did you know that developing your intuition and running your PC could support each other? Check out this video to see for yourself! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHCxhFnip3A&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0xe1600f&color2=0xfebd01]

8th of November 2009

Over eating during the holidays

Getting together with families during the holidays is a happy time but can also be stressful and full of emotional trauma. This stress is the result of emotional triggers and past memories that are unpleasant and become activated during the time together. When these triggers and old memories are present we tend to over eat. […]

2nd of November 2009

Halloween “Ghost” Stories From UTUE

This week we thought we would share personal experiences that we have had in the “ghost” category. If you have any please share?

27th of October 2009

How to Stay Positive when Unemployed

When in a crisis like being unemployed the best way to deal with it is to first clear the negative emotions, and then activate Creator Energy. Using Creator Energy as a coping mechanism is ideal when in crisis and the best way to handle any difficult situation. It is perfect and organic for all human […]

19th of October 2009

What Is The Non – Physical Dimension And Why Is It Important?

The Non-physical dimension is an intangible place of energy and intelligence that can be perceived through intuition. It contains infinite intelligence that is the source of inspiration and genius. The non-physical dimension is the source of all ideas and human advancement whether it is acknowledged or not.

11th of October 2009

Can Anyone Access Intuition?

At UTUE our Teachers are Intuitives. Intuition is a natural and organic sense to human beings and we have developed this ability with the UTUE Process. Intuition is a channel that carries information via emotions. Most Intuitives (also called psychics, mediums, clairvoyants etc.) have a channel that is well developed but the real key is […]

5th of October 2009

Your Essence – The Secret to Life?

Our essence is an energy that has memory and intelligence and carries wisdom and knowing that we need in our life. It speaks to us via emotion and metaphor to help direct us for our highest and best interest. It is the ultimate guide and will transform our life if we would only listen. As […]