26th of September 2009

What do I clear if I have a relationship with a bully?

Being victimized by a bully is always about the relationship you have with a bully. In that relationship you have to be the person who is a victim, powerless and cannot stand up to the bully. Being a victim and fearful with a bully is about training we have had and can be cleared. It […]

21st of September 2009

Do our Emotions have a Positive Purpose?

Emotions are the carrier of information from our essence, non-physical dimension, and the Creator. Due to cultural training we struggle with the accurate interpretation of these messages that are carried by our emotions. The way to create more clarity for the interpretation of these messages is to clear the great imbalance of negative emotions. Clearing […]

14th of September 2009

How Do I Avoid Emotional Exhaustion?

Emotional exhaustion is created when emotional energies build up and overwhelm us. There are two ways we can work with emotional exhaustion. One way is to clear on a regular basis so the negative emotions do not build up. Don’t just clear when you feel bad but clear all the time. Another important way to […]

7th of September 2009

Imagination Defined

Our imagination reads the content that flows in the channel called intuition. Emotions carry the messages. Our essence communicates through our intuition and uses emotions as the content, and our imagination to helps us interpret the messages by showing us pictures in our mind’s eye. Our essence can use other ways to communicate but intuition […]

31st of August 2009

The Magic Pathway: Our Intuition

It is so exciting that this pathway called intuition can access infinite intelligence, creativity, wisdom, conscience, self love, life purpose and our connection to the Creator. But our cultural training works at cross purposes with intuition, leading us to constantly degrade this channel to our detriment. We are trained to either numb out our emotions, […]

24th of August 2009

When competition goes wrong…has it affected you?

Have you been an advocate of competition? Last week Melissa* was trying to get in shape. We followed her story about listening to her body.  This week we are watching her work with her compulsive competition, and how it affects all aspects of her life, including trying to get into shape. Day 1 Melissa was […]

17th of August 2009

No Pain, No Gain… Right???

Do you believe in the idea “no pain no gain?” We will be exploring the concept of communication via our physical body over the next couple of days in this blog. Let’s follow Melissa’s story (a fictitious character) to see how she handles pain and what we can learn. Each day we’ll update her story […]

9th of August 2009

Do you struggle with Procrastination?

Follow the story about Jane and her desire to overcome procrastination this week! Updates will be added to this post daily. (All people represented in this story are fictitious) Jane works as a trainer for a training company. While she is a very capable employee, she struggles with procrastination. Currently, her procrastination is making it […]

3rd of August 2009

How to have a good marriage or relationship!

If your relationship is dead, without life, dull, or boring this class can help you make it better.  A relationship is not a thing but energy made up of emotions.  The way to directly affect a relationship is to clear.  The way you learn how to work with the energies of a relationship is to […]

26th of July 2009

Are your emotions the cause of your excess weight?

When it comes to the subject of losing weight the focus is on the food you eat, and how to change your diet and exercise. All these things are important factors in losing and maintaining your weight. But is there something else to consider? We invite you to change your perspective to focus on the […]