What do Pam Howland, Chopin, and Clearing have in common?

What do Pam Howland, Chopin, and Clearing have in common?


Since this article was first posted in February, at the beginning of a journey to raise seed money.  If successful, a group of creators will be  able to move into the next stage of producing a documentary about Chopin, in honor of his  200th birthday.  With just 1 day to go, this project has achieved 100% of of its goal! This doesn’t meant that you can’t still get involved.  Pledges will continue to be accepted through April 2. If this article inspired you, please consider helping Pam and the Remembering Frederic group, or consider passing this on to someone who might be inspired!

About Clearing:

If any field has rules and regulations – it’s classical music.  It is so very common for musicians trained with a classical approach to get lost in the musical culture of competition, comparison, jealousy and perfectionism; and we as musicians often forget about why we began playing music in the first place.  Clearing has been HUGE  in enabling me to re-connect with my creative essence and original love of music.  It has been instrumental in guiding me toward finding my own unique musical voice and staying connected with my heart in the process.

Pam Howland

What inspired me – Why Chopin?

A 2006 family trip to Poland connected me to my grandfather’s Polish birth place, which happened to be very near Chopin’s birthplace.  This trip rekindled my childhood love of Chopin’s music.  Afterwards, I realized that I would like to create a very special performance to honor Chopin’s 200th birthday, being celebrated in 2010; not just another traditional piano recital but something that would bring Chopin’s music to everyone.  In 2007, I was introduced to clearing by Amanda Zabel, who introduced me to Jason Rohn, Executive Director of UTUE.  Several important sessions followed, and I have continued regular clearing work with Amanda and her regular Tuesday night clearing group (running now for 3 years) since then.

What ensued in these last few years has been a chain reaction of events… of doors opening. I began to access more creativity than I knew I had and have never played better in my life (leading to another trip to Poland, the writing of my one-woman show about Chopin and Sand’s life, teaching courses on Chopin, the recording of my new Chopin CD, and NOW to this film).  I also began to meet people who were attracted to and interested in helping me realize my vision (meeting the filmmakers from the NC School of the Arts who are working on this film with me has been one of the happiest, most unexpected and rewarding things I have ever experienced).

Now that I have this solid creative vision and the artistic people and resources who can help me realize this film dream, I need the financial backing of those who are interested in supporting this kind of creativity.  That is why I have launched my Kickstarter fundraising campaign for my film REMEMBERING FREDERIC.

How UTUE has helped:

Clearing helps us identify what it is that we really want; what is in our best interests, and what resonates with our essence, and our core talent.  Once we know what that is, we can begin to get rid everything in the way of us expressing what we need, want and desire.

Putting a goal out there into the world of seeking $50,000 of funds for REMEMBERING FREDERIC has been both very exciting and very scary.  But, it is a way of living out the message that if we articulate clearly what it is we want, and have the courage to put it out into the universe, we will attract the right people, resources, and funds to help.  In 20 days, the project has attracted 20% of the necessary funding (just over $10,000) – and I am certain that clearing has a lot to do with this. There is quite a ways to go to reach the $50,000 necessary, but I am confident that doors – known and unknown – will continue opening.  Thank you Amanda, and all the other UTUE Teachers, Jason, Patricia, Connie and Merrilee!