What Japan needs right now!

What Japan needs right now!

What Japan needs right now!

The news is full of images of the devastation in Japan.  Destruction for miles and miles, boats on top of buildings, pictures of emotional people in sheer terror; then in stark contrast, we see workers at the nuclear reactors who are risking their lives to save the millions that live close by!  It is easy to be concerned and wonder “what does this mean for the world and for me? How can I go about my daily activities while this is going on?”

At UTUE, we see a cloud that no one is referring to, the energy cloud of emotion (emotions are energies).  Unlike a radiation cloud that is restricted by time and space, energy clouds of emotions can travel across the globe in an instant.  We have seen heightened emotional responses in many people, including our students.

There is a stark contrast of positive and negative energy circling the globe right now.  In the negative realm there are waves of hopelessness, fear, doom and anger.  At the same time there is courage, hope and determination to help others.   We can see the fabric of humanity at its best where there are those who acknowledge that we are all in this together; then we can watch the actions of many that are heroic and inspiring.

What can I do for others?

Although money and supplies are critical in Japan right now, there is something that we can also do that is even more critical – positive emotions!  There is nothing more toxic than fear, panic, hopelessness and doom.  What is the antidote? Activating Creator Energy! When you see images of people in Japan, send individuals or groups Creator Energy by filling them up.  When the Prime Minister is on TV, fill him up with Creator Energy.  Of course, don’t forget to do it for yourself first.

What can I do for myself?

Use the UTUE Clearing Process to remove the fears, anxieties, panic, hopelessness and doom and whatever else you are feeling.  Visit  “How to Clear”, to familiarize yourself with the basics of clearing if you need help.  There is a false belief that the emotion of fear will keep you safe, but that is not true.  The emotions of fear and hopelessness can be more toxic than the radiation and other negative effects of the earthquake.  When you clear these negative emotions, you will have greater objectivity and be able to act in your own best interest. Also, when the negative emotions seem overwhelming, remember to activate Creator Energy for yourself.

If you are really suffering, schedule a session with a UTUE Teacher!

Does the Earthquake have some meaning of things to come?

Many people have asked me this lately and the truth is I don’t know.  If anyone says they do know I would not trust them as a source of  information.  But I do know that it is easy to see this situation out of proportion and with a  heightened sense of fear and doom.  What disturbs me the most is when I see us hurting each other in war and ethnic cleansing and that we have been doing this for too many years now.  Do what you can for the people of Japan and then live your life!!!