Good Luck Bad Luck? Who knows? Update of an old Chinese Proverb

Good Luck Bad Luck? Who knows? Update of an old Chinese Proverb

Jane is driving to work while talking to her friend Sara. All of a sudden her she sees a flashing red light in her rear view mirror. A highway patrol officer is pulling her over. She looks at Sara and says, “I am going to get a speeding ticket!” Sara says to Jane, “What bad luck!” Jane says, “We’ll see…“

Later that evening, when Jane is in the grocery store, she bumps into the officer, now off duty. They strike up a conversation, and he asks her out on a date. Jane calls Sara and tells her about the handsome police officer who just asked her out on a date. Sara says, ”What good luck!” Jane says, “We’ll see…”

Jane goes out on a date with the Officer; she discovers he is really boring, talking about himself during the whole date. She decides she doesn’t want to go out with him again. She calls Sara, who replies, “What bad luck!” Jane says, “We’ll see…”

On Friday, when Jane arrives at work, she finds out that she is being laid off. Jane calls Sara, who replies, “What bad luck!” Jane says,” We’ll see…”

Jane’s career goal this year has been to get promoted in her field. She remembers when she was out on her date with the police officer, he mentioned that his father worked at a high level position in her field. Jane contacted him, and was hired with a better job than her previous position. Good luck or bad luck – Who Knows?

How do I stop “bad things” from happening to me?

Judging and controlling our life is not organic to the way we are designed. Many of us try to minimize the bad things by exercising control over our life. As an Intuitive, I see that we use huge amounts of energy trying to control life, only to frustrate and confound ourselves. Many people come to UTUE with the expectation that we can help them stop the “bad things” from happening. The truth is we all experience “bad things” in our lives – our goal is to help our students respond to those negative happenings in their highest and best interest.

“We’ll see…” What is our response?

The key to dealing with what we perceive as ”bad things” that happen in our life is to understand that we really don’t know what is good or bad. Seeing them has part of a whole context of life where our response to things that happen, not the things themselves, that determine our fate. The response is always emotional – if your response does contain negative emotions (such as fear, grief, sadness, hurt, despair) then those emotions can be cleared, leading to a better (different) perspective.

What do we reap when we deal with the response?

The reason we’re here on earth in a physical body is to learn from our experiences, not to try and control our life so bad things don’t happen. While many of us have grown up believing if only you make the right decisions then you will have a better life, that you can keep “bad things” from happening…the truth is, “bad things” may happen anyway. If we change how we perceive and engage with life, we can learn how to interpret “bad things” so our initial response won’t keep us from our ability to learn.


When we believe that “bad things” are happening, try clearing the following:

The self judgment and self-criticism that we we’re bad
The barriers that keep us from learning from this experience

Activate creator energy to nurture ourselves to gain a better understanding and different perspective.