Are holiday expectations stressing you out?

Are holiday expectations stressing you out?

Look around, expectations of the holiday season are around us all. This is supposed to be a season of joy, happiness, celebration. But for many, before they can experience the joy, they experience increased stress. Here is a short list of holiday season todo’s that might have been added to your current stress:

Make travel plans and travel
Attend the obligatory holiday party(s)
Make cookies for the annual cookie exchange
Decorate the house
Send out the christmas cards
Buy gifts for holiday celebrations

If you find that these additional things add stress, such as expectations and increased demands, this may be making your season more of what others want, and less of what the true you desires to get into the spirit.

An antidote to this stress is to connect to your green personality, so you can embrace the seasonal energy of joy, happiness and celebration. Ask yourself, is it possible to fulfill my list using my green personality?

Here are some ideas I have been using to practice connecting to my green personality during my holiday season:

  • Cookie exchange, while fun, is about exchanging lots of sugar. Do you have to bring cookies, or could you bring something else this year? How about doing an exchange of proteins, such as nuts or cheese?
  • Instead of exchanging bottles of wine, think of other options for exchange, such as local cider, juice, or homemade soup stock.
  • How about giving a gift of local crafts, meats, produce or honey?