Better Tools With A Move, Clear Meditate Approach

We have developed specific and robust tools to remove negative energy that has a toxic impact in your life! Due to our understanding of the makeup of a toxic ecosystem we have an approach that is powerful and goes exactly to the source. The Move, Clear, Meditate approach comes from the ability to see subtle energies and know what works and what doesn’t.  We have created a library of moves, clearing and meditations that are targeted for the 21st century and the challenges we have in a technological and fast paced world.

2-3-pic-move-clear-meditate-imageWe admit there are many high quality programs with Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong that work with subtle energies and offer corresponding meditations. These programs are far superior to other exercise programs because they incorporate subtle energies.  However, these ancient practices were originally developed for much different purposes.  For example Yoga was developed for ancient peoples who lived in caves during the winter and it was essential for them to have methods of movement in order for them to survive and be able to have physical function when the weather was nice enough for them to venture outside. Tai Chi is based on fighting moves for combat.  When is the last time you gave your boss a karate chop when he made you angry?  Our tools are geared to specific challenges that ancient civilizations never had to contend with like sugar cravings, workout resistance, maintaining your diet, and too much junk food etc.

The Living Lighter Program is based on our move clear meditate approach to help those who live in the 21st century and have to work with contemporary stresses and challenges.  These tools were designed to be effective with tight schedules, using electronic devices, and common daily interactions that are unique to the 21st century.  Instead of trying to interpret the great masters who created these ancient programs like Yoga and Tai Chi we have created programs based on our ability to see and perceive energies and therefore know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

We have three ways of working with subtle energies using the Move, Clear, Mediate approach.  Each one is designed to help you work with the subtle energies in a particular way.


Moves are captured on videos that combine movement with methods of removing negative subtle energies.   They can be applied to activities of daily living like your morning routine or as you walk to work.  They are perfect for some types of exercise programs like running, cycling, yoga, walking, rowing, working out in the gym etc.  You can watch a video on your smart phone and follow along or learn the moves and do them on your own.


These are processes used to remove negative energy that you can do with your eyes open (as opposed to meditations).  They can be spoken out loud or in a very stealth way with simple breathing on a bus or in any public area.  You can keep clearing topics on your smart phone and listen and use them anytime you want.  These Clearings are quick, direct and very effective that can be used any time and any situation. We have many Clearings that can be applied in practical ways to many different and specific situations.


Meditations are very effective at creating a relaxed state and reducing stress. However, most meditations are generic and just do one thing – relax. Our meditations can do two or three things at the same time.  All of our meditations help you relax and reduce stress and then work on at least one other issue or challenge sometimes a whole group of related issues.  For example, we can help you relax and reduce stress and work with your creativity for a specific topic, or help you relax and deal with procrastination or we help you work on that project you have been putting aside.  Our meditations are multi-purpose and cumulative where the more you do them the better the result.

We have used the Move, Clear, Mediate approach to help for activities of daily living so you can feel better and be happier during these times.  For example, getting up in the morning, coming home from work or your morning shower or cup of coffee are all things that we would have a move, a clearing or a meditation to make those times better and more empowering or to really set a positive tone for the day.

There are many other possibilities to address issues with Move, Clear, Meditate.  This approach contrasts with strategies and techniques that is so prevalent in the media today.  For every problem or challenge there is a “do this” formula that requires some type of action to bring about a result.  These actions are indirect ways to bring about a positive result and sometimes they can provide some help. Since there is a lack of understanding regarding subtle energies what is generally misunderstood is that there is a direct way to affect a positive result – using subtle energies techniques of Move, Clear, Meditate! So instead of doing some technique it is far easier to just change the energy.   That is the direct way!

Here are some examples of issues that can be handled with subtle energy.  Dealing with traffic, maintaining your diet, reducing sugar cravings, going for a workout,

In addition we can use the Move, Clear, Meditate approach for relationship difficulties, money problems, dating, divorce, grieving a loss, marriage problems, sex issues, and almost everything that you can imagine.  We can be very specific for example communicating with your husband versus relationship difficulties

Shouldn’t there be tools for positive energies?

Yes, we also have many parts of our Move, Clear, Mediate approach that connects with Life Force and Creator Energy which is the most positive energies on earth today.  However, most of our daily challenges and difficulties come from the negative energies!  If we ignore the negative things that get in our way we would just sandwich in the negative energies and trap them under the positive energies. Trapping negative energies creates unconscious feelings and motivations that act upon us in a negative way.  For example when you say something or do something that you know you shouldn’t or fumble a situation that normally would be very easy for you that is negative energy acting upon you in an unconscious way.

Many believe that the positive energies like Life Force can cure and heal the negative but that’s not what we see.  Life Force can be very healing but it doesn’t remove negative energies.  After the negative energies are removed it can heal what is left over but few understand that distinction because they are unable to perceive those energies.