Little Known Ways to Greater Health and Performance

We teach machines to be like humans and humans to be like machines, but we never teach humans to be more human. Humans being human contains power and abundance that is not present in the machine-like world. The truth is that the human body is its own ecosystem with its own natural rhythms and balance. We have each have an individual ecosystem made up of our body, emotions, personality and thoughts.  Because we have been taught to act like a machine where we program ourselves and focus on parts that need to be fixed, it has created a toxic environment for our ecosystems.  If we were to see ourselves as individual ecosystems that need to be balanced we would start on a path to greater health and performance as well as more happiness and wellbeing.

Your individual ecosystem is made up of your personality, your inner thoughts and self-talk.  It includes your emotions both positive and negative and lastly your physical body.  Much has been written about thinking more holistically and seeing yourself as an ecosystem is the ultimate holistic approach.  However we are trained, socialized and encouraged to see ourselves like a machine!  Not only that but we also focus on one part at a time and compartmentalize ourselves so the holistic part is lost. Seeing yourself like a machine or robot is the opposite of seeing yourself like an ecosystem.  In order to see yourself as an ecosystem it’s important to see the difference between an ecosystem and machine or robot like thinking!

The entire world has been trained in machine-like behavior. There are deadlines and objectives that teach us to override our natural inclinations to get the job done, like giving up sleep and ignoring illness. Pushing ourselves in ways that are destructive creates feelings that are heavy and toxic with negative emotional side effects. We get messages and “help” regarding how to get things done by tricking yourself or manipulating yourself into doing things you may dislike.  All you have to do is look at the magazine isle in the grocery and notice the titles of articles. “Ten easy ways to lose weight, Three ways to better sex, or Do this to be happy,” are strategies that are really quick fixes and forms of programing!

You can see from this illustration that most common teachings make us into little robots and the effects are really negative.  However, the fear is if we don’t drive ourselves or push ourselves then our performance will suffer and the truth is quite to the contrary.  The belief is that these strategies is all there is and that to do anything is only possible with programing.  Of course this notion is completely false!

Treating yourself like an ecosystem is a long term approach that is much different than like a robot. A classic example is how we are trained in school to do reading, writing and arithmetic.  Most of us can remember having some form of a carrot and stick approach where there were incentives and often punishments for not learning and doing the homework. Both incentives and punishments are forms of programing where the natural and organic inclinations are pushed aside in favor of just getting it done.  If there was a more ecosystem like approach each student would be encouraged to find things they like about each subject and connect with their intrinsic motivations.   These unique motivations would be encouraged patiently.  However, classic educational practice is a more one size fits all approach where those who respond to programing and force do the best.

The fear is that programing and force is the only way to be effective but it is possible to slowly transition to more of an ecosystem like approach where individuals start to connect with authentic motivations and with those authentic energies performance is enhanced.  It is not hopeless so by using slow changes and removing the negative energies of stress and other side effects of programing you can begin to remove the toxic energies in your ecosystem.  This easy approach is gentle and conforms to everyone’s unique nature.  It does not have a time limit or veiled implication that if you don’t reach a particular objective at some point you have failed or don’t meet the standard.  A healthy ecosystem doesn’t have a standard outside of its self but has its own unique rhythm and balance.

“Stress is a side effect of programing and too much force and pressure.  As it increases people start to break down. Often the stresses we feel on a day to day basis we attribute to a specific action or situation.  “My boss stresses me out” or “that damn traffic!” but the truth is that these things activate an energy that unless it is removed will just express itself in another way! These energies build up and volume of these energies become more toxic over time.  For example if your boss stresses you out and you get another boss the stress doesn’t go away!  The stress created by your old boss would just manifest in another way in your life.  Our programs help you to directly remove those energies that is at the source of stress. The toxic build up of negative energies, in this case stress, don’t go away as the situation changes.  That is why we have a process to work with the energy directly!

What happens when you understand and support your ecosystem?

Instead of treating yourself like a machine we teach you about your own unique ecosystem and help you remove the stressful and toxic energies so you can feel better and be more productive. Your intuition is the pathway to the understanding of your own unique ecosystem and what you need to do to bring about more balance and happiness for yourself.

We teach you how to access your intuition without the machine-like behavior of clocks, demands, or pushing yourself in ways that are destructive. With this training you will:

  • Develop your intuition and emotional intelligence
  • Feel the connection to your life force
  • Begin to see the effects of the machine-like behavior and make changes
  • Access resources that are profound and infinite
  • Begin to feel alive and happy

Do you want to learn how to treat yourself like an ecosystem and begin to be Living Lighter on a daily basis? Take our courses and use materials to feel happier and more alive everyday: