Live Your Dream Like Martin Luther King – Find Your Inspiration!

Live Your Dream Like Martin Luther King – Find Your Inspiration!

In his famous speech, Martin Luther said “I have a dream”, which has inspired millions of people to change and act in a better way toward their fellow man. It continues to inspire many people today. As I re-read the transcript of this great speech, it stirs great passion and hope in my heart for a better world. It was clear to me that this speech was so moving because it was written to touch the soul of the audience; this is important because it is from the soul that we are naturally moved to action.

So in honor of Martin Luther King, how can we be inspired today to “have a dream” for ourselves?

The answer is to get quiet and listen to that still voice inside that speaks to us softly. It will never yell or force us to into a dream, but will coax and nurture and nudge us into our dream.

How does inspiration happen? What is the process in the human psyche that leads us to a dream for ourselves?

Inspiration happens from within; this unique place is our individual knowing that ignites our spark to allow our dream to be heard. This place within is not tangible and must be accessed through a special form of communication. This special communication happens as we remove the negative energy that interferes with this unique knowing. It does not come from action or doing anything; in fact, taking action interferes with the process.

What happens if I’m not inspired to have a dream or pursue my dream?

Our still voice speaks to us on its schedule, not necessarily when we want it to. Patience and self insight are necessary to know who we are authentically. Some level of self insight comes before knowing the dream or purpose. Authentic knowing of self simulates having a dream to fulfill that knowing. The message will come at the perfect time and when it’s ready.

For some, we may know the dream, but lack the confidence to move forward. Know that when you soft voice speaks to you, it will never give you a dream that is beyond you or out of your reach. There is a natural knowing that comes from your authentic self that sizes your dream automatically for you. If you don’t feel like you can achieve your dream, it is usually an illusion coming from negative energy that can be cleared and eliminated.

Dreams are the most important part of happiness and fulfillment in life. Today, in honor of Martin Luther King, it is fitting to think about your dream. As he looks down on us he would like that!

~by Jason Rohn