Ooooohh! Are the ghosts of Halloween Scary???

Ooooohh! Are the ghosts of Halloween Scary???

“I see dead people” oooohh!

This is a famous line from the movie “The 6th Sense”. In that movie I remember a scene where the little boy who had the ability to see dead people walked into an old building and he saw all these people hanging from nooses. It really scared me! The truth is that what I’ve seen on TV and in the movies is ten times scarier than what I’ve seen as an intuitive.

When Patricia was a little girl, one of her first experiences seeing with her intuition was seeing the little boy. Click here to watch the video. I think the scariest part of that story was her mother’s warning not to talk about what she saw. This little boy was a ghost that had lost his way. He was poking at the girl who was alive but there was nothing sinister about it.

There is a restaurant close to where we live that has a reputation for having a ghost. A famous psychic visited the restaurant to do a séance; she talked to the ghost and uncovered the story. This restaurant is overlooking the coast and often has fog and wind blowing, adding to the mystique that it is a very scary place. I went there once, and although I didn’t see the ghost, I felt it as I was eating my clam chowder. It was a feeling like having butterflies in my stomach. If I ever go there again and order one of my favorites, clam chowder, I’ll tell them to hold the ghost energies. Patricia and I wondered why someone just didn’t clear the ghost so it could cross over. We thought about it, but we didn’t think it was our place given there was so much marketing that the restaurant uses around this story.

What is it about ghosts anyway?

The true scary part of ghosts is our own fear and ignorance about energies that we don’t understand. It is innate to connect with this dimension via intuition, but in our culture this behavior is trained out of many people as they grow up. In all the time that we have been doing this work we have not come into contact with anything that is really scary; most of it is sad and depressing. So as you enjoy your Halloween know that the real scary stuff is man-made and you are safe. Have a fun Halloween from all of us at UTUE.