Our Team

Jason Rohn

Thirty years ago I was in love with the possibility of my own development. Being fascinated by this, I read as many self-help books I could find. I felt if I could just be obedient to those ideas I could achieve my objectives.

I soon realized the success formulas and positive attitude wasn’t working for me. This is how I developed the unique UTUE Brand Clearing Process that is used in all of our programs. UTUE was born from my search for true empowerment and the ability to self-lead as the basis for Natural Leadership.

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked with clients all over the world. This has taught me that we each have a unique instruction manual that tells us how to live with empowerment for ourselves.

As someone who has never fit the mold of what the outside world defines as “successful” I hope you will join me in the truth that the best leadership is natural and comes from within you. This knowing is empowering and is the ultimate source for all the direction you need in your life.

Jason specializes in the development of Natural Leaders and does a unique form of Executive Coaching. His passion is to guide students inward in their quest for truth about themselves to uncover the answers to their individuality and uniqueness.

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Patricia Rohn

Today I am happy. That is a fact I never would have said before about myself. It seemed to me that happiness and authentic love were always just out of my reach.

I was born with the ability of intuition, so was my mother, but she taught me that it wasn’t something to talk about or use as I use it today. Before I met Jason, my intuition was a mere fraction of what it is today.

I met Jason Rohn after a serious car accident left me physically incapable of enjoying life, and at that time, began to use the Clearing Process to heal myself. After doing the clearing for a short time I could actually see that there was hope. I could actually feel from within that the experts were wrong, and that I was capable of doing many of the physical things I was told I would never do again. In this clarity, I could see that my life was not hopeless. I was amazed at the things that I could do when I would remove the energies that were holding me back.

I specialize in removing blockages that are related to emotional eating, weight gain and stress. I am the creator of Living Lighter Fitness, and have been teaching for over 25 years.

Patricia is certified by the United States Water Fitness Association (USWFA), and holds a Life Time Aerobics Instructor Certification. She currently runs the Living Lighter Fitness Program, teaches water aerobics, and works with clients to remove the obstacles that keep them from living a vibrant, joyful life.

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Connie Tommerdahl

I use my talents to help the talents of others shine.

The youngest in a family of accomplished superstar siblings (6 of them!) and parents, I got to experience and observe relationship dynamics and the exchange of energy since before I was born (even in the womb with my twin). I was considered above average in grade school and high school, excelling in math and science, but struggled through college, knowing that if I just finished my engineering degree, I would be marketable. Even though I was always interested in relationships, engineering is where I could be gainfully employed, and successful. As I worked in manufacturing, it became all to apparent to me how people are treated as replaceable in the corporate, machine-like world.

My spouse, also disillusioned by the corporate drive to be profitable over humane, was able to focus his energy on starting a business to offer something unique in the manufacturing environment. In the process, we created and ran a successful organization that employed people for their talents. We built our small start-up business designing and building industrial water filtration systems to $3.5M in annual sales.

I have lots of experience in breaking the mold to stand out, providing my unique talents to the situation to get the job done. Given my broad background in business from fortune 500 companies to start-ups, I have an ability to see relationships and connect the dots within. It was during this process that I realized I was missing the most important relationship that anyone can develop to help them with all of their other relationships – a relationship with myself! How scary this was! I had achieved success according to others, but I still didn’t know what I wanted out of life because I was always gauging what others thought would be best for me. I knew the next step to fulfillment in my life was to incorporate this innate knowing into my way of living.

Developing my relationship with myself has run the gauntlet of emotions from despair to pure joy, ultimately guiding me to uncover and trust my true innate strengths and challenges. This process now allows me to help others uncover their strengths and challenges. So what I offer is the guiding hand to help each individual to nurture a relationship with him/herself to achieve the fulfillment they desire.

Connie is a Certified Global Somatics Practitioner, is certified in Reiki Level I and II, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institue of Technology.