Living Lighter

Living Lighter is an entirely new approach to relieving stress that is based on treating yourself like the ecosystem you are.  Approaching yourself in this natural way, as an ecosystem, is a more effective and gentler way to reduce stress to help you feel . . . “Lighter”! We use a Move, Clear, Meditate approach to remove stress and engage in your daily life in a healthier, light hearted way.

Most strategies today are forms of programing that reduces human beings to robots and is very unhealthy.  It is a harsh approach that says “just do it” and if you’re not successful the implication is that there is something wrong with you! In truth human beings are mini ecosystems that is made up of our physical body, our emotions and thoughts, and our natural motivations.  By understanding and developing our individual ecosystem we reduce stress, increase performance and begin to be Living Lighter.  Of course, our Living Lighter Program seeks to treat us like an ecosystem and bring about a more natural state of being, it reduces stress and we feel lighter.

Common strategies and techniques that are used to help us increase our performance by their very nature are stressful.  These techniques program us like a robot to act machine-like which is unhealthy, stressful and creates long term deficits.  Programing techniques that are out of sync with your natural ecosystem are toxic and harsh and not sustainable. When the programing isn’t effective shame is often the side effect – why can’t I do this? In addition, we start shopping where we are constantly looking and spinning in search of the right way.  We use these types of programing because we believe that is the only way to positively affect our performance and our ability to be effective in the world. The truth is that these techniques only have short term benefits and start to decline over time and block us even more!  The Living Lighter Program teaches us to treat ourselves in a natural, and organic way which could actually unlock higher levels of performance that is unknown in today’s world.

Most stress reduction programs suggest you avoid the things that stress you, but we know that even if you were able to remove these stressors the energy of stress would come out in a different way. In addition, it is often impossible to remove the things that stress us and for that reason it increases stress, even more. The answer is to see yourself like an ecosystem where you gently create change by removing negative energy of stress.  Stress is never caused by things outside of ourselves, it is our response to those things which is negative energy.  That negative energy can apply itself to anything and will constantly move and refocus its attention.

The Living Lighter Program which treats you like a human ecosystem includes the areas of health, happiness, relationships, money, work and activities of daily living that affect you significantly.  Most programs see these things as separate items but the truth is they are all interrelated and connected.  Our program focuses on all these areas and more and reduces stress as needed by each individual.  The energy of stress is never connected to just one thing and often moves around so we can be stressed in one area of our life one day and the next day it can be in another area.  What is not commonly understood is that this energy of stress can be worked on directly so even as it moves we are getting to the heart of that negative energy!

Our innovative approach for relieving stress is based on a Move, Clear, Meditate approach that can be used in many ways so that it fits into your life and day-to-day routine! We know that stress at the core is an energy and we teach ways to affect that energy directly.  Working specifically with these energies is easier, more effective and has long term benefits versus other methods.  It is completely flexible and easy to use so you feel light-hearted, joyful, and relaxed.

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