James Arthur Ray Guru or Phony?

Recently, James Arthur Ray, a famous self-help guru and spiritual leader, was convicted of negligent homicide in the deaths of three people during a sweat lodge ceremony. Click here for the Dateline special.

Is he a real guru who was being blamed for an unfortunate accident like he claims?

I am personally very uncomfortable with him. He says many things that I say as a UTUE Teacher, but there is a MAJOR difference. He talks about energy and we talk about energy. He talks about the great potential within a human being and so do we. He talks about the power of our thoughts and we talk about the power of our thoughts and beliefs.

So what is the difference?

The problem is James Arthur Ray connected with his audience at the level of their ego NOT their authentic self.

Your ego is not the source of inner knowing or what we call a Green Personality. Activities and behaviors that build your ego are not sustainable or lasting. Symbolic gestures where you “act” like you are facing your fears do not really overcome those fears. It is a false belief that when you push yourself and drive yourself you become better. This will give you a temporary high, but it ALWAYS wears off. This is not real change. Developing a Green Personality is the only way to embody real change.

Your ego tricks and lies to you, and covers information from your authentic self about what is in your best interest.  James Arthur Ray pandered to people’s ego. He would ask people to push their limits by having them cut off their hair, walk on hot coals, and ultimately do a sweat lodge ceremony to the max.  Three people died listening to James Arthur Ray, a self professed guru and their own ego.

What is the answer?

When you work with your authentic self and remove the energy of those fears over time it is lasting and sustainable. It is not a quick fix, but has amazing power and clarity because not only do you remove your fears you see yourself more clearly.

Do you need a guru to make change on the inside?  How do you know the real gurus from the phonies? 

At UTUE we say “Be Your Own Guru.” The best guru you could ever have is your own authentic self that comes from having a Green Personality. However, your ego competes with that authentic part of you and the ego voice is typically louder. The ego looks outside itself for validation and is attracted to gurus with a public reputation. UTUE Teachers guide you to that natural place that is the best guru you could ever have. We don’t become the gurus for you, we teach you to let your inner knowing be the guru that is unique to you and knows what is best for you.

UTUE is a non-profit dedicated to helping our students become their own gurus. Not with showy symbolic exercises or dangerous stunts, but by creating lasting, sustainable change.

What a silly question? Of course I’m living my life – right? Well think about it, look what happened to Jane.

Jane did everything right, she studied hard in school and was accepted in a prestigious university, graduating with honors. She got a good job with a company that had a good reputation. She married a guy who also did everything right; they had 2 kids and lived in a nice home. Jane felt she should be happy and satisfied, but she wasn’t.

Next phase of Jane’s life: Jane’s marriage suffered, ending in divorce. The children had problems that the experts couldn’t seem to help. Jane was unhappy and confused. She often wondered “What did I do wrong?”
Like everyone else, Jane had been trained to live according to external standards or someone else’s idea of the best life for her. She didn’t know how to answer the question “What is right for me?”

What exactly is YOUR life?

The knowing for your life is an energy inside you that knows the best way to live YOUR life. But we’re not taught how to get there; it is covered with veils and illusions so we can’t see it clearly. Many of us live in the illusion that we know who we are until things start to unravel.

Chances are if you don’t know how to remove the veils and illusions, you are living someone else’s life! At UTUE, we teach you how to remove the veils and illusions to take your life back.

More about going inward to remove veils and illusions:

Here is how UTUE can help – Read more about going inward here. As we guide you to go inward, you learn how to remove these veils and illusions so you discover what YOUR life is about. Make an appointment today to speak to a UTUE Teacher and begin living YOUR life!

During the Holidays we are inspired to contemplate a better world. At UTUE our focus is always on positive change and we acknowledge that the positive change always starts with us personally. There are two types of change; virtual change and authentic change. The vast majority of us are trained to only know one type which is virtual change. We change our actions and behaviors by acting differently through some type of will power. Authentic change happens as we change the energy at our essence. At UTUE we do this with the Clearing process.