Why do we use the same energy to lose weight that we use to gain it?

The coach is in my face, screaming “Push it! drive it through, give me one more (rep)”. When I was in high school sports and then in the Army, this happened often as we did physical training and tried to be the best! Like everyone else I just assumed this was the way to maximum performance. The way to coach others in anything was to push them drive them and say more, more, better, better. Don’t stop, keep going! Right???

As Intuitives, working with many people over many years, we have encountered numerous situations indicating that driving people in this way does NOT work! Why? Because it activates our critical voice that tells us, “we have failed, we’re not good enough.”

So what does this have to do with eating compulsively?

Traditional motivational techniques of willpower, self discipline, self control and competition often make us feel the negative emotions like guilt, shame, hurt and anger. But at the time, we may be suppressing these negative emotions, and therefore not aware of them. The minute we let down our guard of self control, we have the need to eat compulsively, which comes from the buildup of these negative emotions. No wonder there is so much yo-yo weight gain and loss.

Willpower and self control are not sustainable or organic to the way we are designed, especially regarding eating. We’re designed to eat to sustain life and fuel our everyday activity. When we overindulge in eating, or overeat, the simple act of ‘eating’ becomes a coping mechanism to overcome too much negative emotion or emotional pollution.

So, if you find that you do use self control, willpower and competition when dieting, consider that there may be a price you are paying that you aren’t even aware of! The answer is to clear your negative emotions when you have that urge to overeat. Next week find out what you can use in place of self discipline and self control and will power.

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Patricia was interviewed on Blog Radio

To learn more about emotional eating, we invite you to listen to a  radio interview where Patricia, a UTUE Teacher, is interviewed by Samantha Gilbert, founder of  SamiG , to learn more about emotional eating, with a focus on competition energy.

Learn more about Sami G, Your Guide to Nourishment here!  Samantha is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner who is passionate about and totally committed to empowering others to develop an authentic relationship with food that is conscientious, enjoyable and results driven.