How to Recover From The Holiday Hangover Today

The holidays have come and gone. It is totally normal to feel a letdown. After all the expended energy and excitement, stimulation and celebrating, it is natural to feel the void of energy as we settle back down into our ordinary routine. That routine might even feel rather boring and mundane after all the celebration.

It is vital that we acknowledge what we are feeling whether it is that we are a bit tired, or even a little sad. Acknowledging those energies does not mean we have to stay in them. Once we recognize them, we can clear them, and then replace them with other, more satisfying energy.

We can clear the exhaustion, and the sadness, and the let down energy.
We can also clear the left over overwhelm and anxiety, and judgment about the holidays.

If we focus on the gratitude that we were able to sense during the holidays, and remember what was good during our time of celebrating, it makes this time period easier, allowing the authentic transition from a busy time into a quieter time.

Now would be the time to practice your meditation, engage in gentle exercise, see to your rest and foods that support your energy. Remember to use full spectrum light bulbs to receive the light you need during these short days.
This would also be the time to contemplate that blank slate piece we talked about on Christmas Eve where we can continue to write our new life in this transformational time. There is no better time than the present to really start to bring that Authentic Self into the forefront.

Be gentle with yourself. The darkness of this time will start to lift soon. Clearing will help allow your true authentic self to shine forth. That is your Light.

~ By Merrilee Town

Written by UTUE Director Patricia Rohn

It is difficult for me to write this story because of my feelings about my daughter with this disease. I have struggled with feelings of fear, hopelessness, shame and anger and I know that these overwhelming emotions can be almost as difficult as the disease itself. The mind-body connection is so evident to me. As I work with these emotions everyday, I confess that I have felt like somehow Jennifer’s diabetes is my fault and I know that Jennifer has felt that her disease is some type of punishment or label of unworthiness for her. I hope this story can help others as they struggle and to know that there is hope and possibilities for life that many may have not considered.

When my Daughter Jennifer was ten and a half she got the flu or so we thought. She had been sick for about two weeks, so I took her to the doctor. He ordered a standard blood test; it confirmed she had a virus of some kind, so it was agreed that it would have to run its course. Five days later she was close to death, and after a rush to the emergency room she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1). Her blood sugars were well over 800. The average blood sugar levels (for a person without diabetes) are 80 to 120.

Jennifer is now in her 40’s. For the first 20 years she learned how to stay relatively healthy, even as she continued to live with diabetes. But she resisted going to the doctor and having regular checkups because she disliked and feared medical buildings and doctors. To her they represented the judgment and implied criticism that she felt from the disease: an evaluation of her as a person. She took the doctors and the results of their findings personally. This made my guilt even greater, because of my emotional approach to the world, and I felt that Jennifer learned her emotionality from me.

Jennifer and I began clearing together over ten years ago. I could see how her positive emotions helped her take care of herself and I even saw that when she was feeling hopeless and angry it affected her tests when she went to the doctor. We work together at least once a week doing the clearing, removing toxic emotions and energies, so that she can be happy and healthy. There have been times that this situation has been overwhelming for me and Jennifer, so she began to work with Merrilee, our UTUE Teacher who is has expertise with the physical body.

Recently, one of the major effects of Diabetes caught us by surprise. Jennifer developed Diabetic Retinopathy; as a result she is legally blind in her right eye. Emotionally, this was devastating for both of us. Our mutual fear of Jennifer becoming blind has been very difficult. As we struggled coping with doctors and the medical establishment, it was so clear the difference between doctors who have a “green personality” and those who don’t. We had a doctor tell her that it was inevitable that she would be blind and that she should just get used to it! Of course, that was just a judgment on his part that we refused to accept. There have been other doctors whose compassion and heart is truly an inspiration.  Without the clearing I’m not sure we would have coped with this situation as good as we have.

Many people ask me to rate the importance of nutritional support, exercise and clearing.  The reason we are working with Samantha is because these things cannot be separated and are part of a Green Personality. A true holistic approach is one that honors the mind body connection where the physical body and the emotions are considered. Many in the medical profession expect their patients to “just do it” without any emotional response or resistance. These medical professionals live in a world of denial and isolation. Contrast that with the many medical professionals who are heroes with great heart, compassion and familiarity with human emotions.

Diabetes is a difficult disease but it is not hopeless or insurmountable. I am so fortunate to have the clearing support as well as our other UTUE Teachers, Merrilee and Samantha to help. It is so clear that the mind body approach to diabetes or any disease has many benefits to everyone’s overall wellbeing.  Three key components accessible to all are: clearing the negative emotions, maintaining proper nutrition and exercise. This approach allows anyone to take their power and keeps them from becoming a victim to diabetes and other illnesses.

The most common call we get is when students struggle with overwhelming feelings of anger, fear and shame. We usually get them to a better place by clearing the negative energies connected to these feelings, but until we began working with Samantha, our Nutritional Therapist, we hadn’t considered the sugar connection and its toll on the physical body.

The truth is that sugar can start a downward spiral of negative emotions and/or reinforce them, and is directly connected to accelerated aging.

Sugar and simple carbohydrates put stress on the adrenal glands (walnut shaped glands that sit on the top of each kidney) by rapidly shifting blood sugar levels that in turn directly affect your mood. Cortisol, an adrenal hormone, works with insulin to maintain healthy levels of circulating glucose (blood sugar) and regulate the flow of glucose (the chief source of cellular energy) into the cells for energy production. When blood sugar levels are low (hypoglycemia), sweet cravings often follow. By eliminating sugar and processed foods, blood sugar remains more stable, providing less strain on the adrenal glands.

What can you do?

  • Celebrate the amazing person you are by allowing patterns that no longer serve you to die so you can experience a rebirth of ideas. Keep in mind that many cultures around the world view the aging process as a positive, powerful tool for growth and renewal.
  • Clear your way to enjoying healthier foods in their natural state so your Green Personality can shine through.
  • Replace white sugar with natural sweeteners such as ground stevia leaves, coconut palm sugar, date sugar, raw honey, and maple syrup, and use them in moderation.

What a silly question? Of course I’m living my life – right? Well think about it, look what happened to Jane.

Jane did everything right, she studied hard in school and was accepted in a prestigious university, graduating with honors. She got a good job with a company that had a good reputation. She married a guy who also did everything right; they had 2 kids and lived in a nice home. Jane felt she should be happy and satisfied, but she wasn’t.

Next phase of Jane’s life: Jane’s marriage suffered, ending in divorce. The children had problems that the experts couldn’t seem to help. Jane was unhappy and confused. She often wondered “What did I do wrong?”
Like everyone else, Jane had been trained to live according to external standards or someone else’s idea of the best life for her. She didn’t know how to answer the question “What is right for me?”

What exactly is YOUR life?

The knowing for your life is an energy inside you that knows the best way to live YOUR life. But we’re not taught how to get there; it is covered with veils and illusions so we can’t see it clearly. Many of us live in the illusion that we know who we are until things start to unravel.

Chances are if you don’t know how to remove the veils and illusions, you are living someone else’s life! At UTUE, we teach you how to remove the veils and illusions to take your life back.

More about going inward to remove veils and illusions:

Here is how UTUE can help – Read more about going inward here. As we guide you to go inward, you learn how to remove these veils and illusions so you discover what YOUR life is about. Make an appointment today to speak to a UTUE Teacher and begin living YOUR life!




Join us for a fascinating, timely discussion. Jason and Patricia will be featured on The Sami G Show, a radio blog show hosted by Samantha Gilbert, Holistic Nutritionist. What comes to mind when you think of seduction, sex and food? Make this Valentine’s Day your most memorable ever with these key components designed to enhance your performance whether your are married, in a relationship, or single.
No time to listen in? All shows are archived so you can listen at any time and download to your favorite listening device. You can start clearing the following now to create a wonderful V-Day.

Clearings for Valentine’s Day

Note from Jason: I am passionate about my Valentine, Patricia, but the truth is, I am not so hot about the expectations of Valentine’s Day! I would like to offer a different approach reflected in these clearings to help you have a better relationship with your valentine.

For unmarried couples

Clear the need to seduce or win the seduction dance
Clear the barriers to having a good time
Clear the barriers to a genuine connection
Clear the veils and illusions so you can see each other’s best traits
Clear the barriers to real intimacy

For long married couples

Clear all the hurts, resentments, competition between you both
Clear the need for revenge for all those hurts and the issues that you hold against each other
Clear the barriers to the memories of when you were first in love
Clear the barriers to a genuine connection
Clear the barriers to direct honest and open communication
Clear expectations for this day
Clear the barriers to having fun and enjoying each other

For those who are alone on Valentine’s Day (whether you are in a relationship or not)

Clear loneliness, self pity and the drama of being alone
Clear the need for any self-destructive behaviors
Clear the veils and illusions so you can see all your strengths talents and abilities
Clear the barriers so you can honor yourself
Clear the barriers to direct and honest and open communication with yourself
Clear the barriers to receiving Creator Energy

For Everyone

Activate Creator Energy for yourself
Clear the barriers to being the Creator’s Valentine!


Initiating a new way to connect with UTUE, we have started a UTUE blogpost. UTUE is dedicated to helping people increase their emotional intelligence, be it through your personal wellbeing, how you express yourself through your work, or by how you live your life. You will find blog entries from our teachers regularly here! If you are interested joining the conversation about topics related to Living Lighter, Authentic Life Transformation, or Natural Leadership, please join read on!

Clara couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get sober and lose weight, even though this was her top priority for the last 2 years. In a session, she told me how when she was talking to her mother about it, as in many times before, her mother said, “Don’t worry about it, it will be ok.” Then, at dinner, her mother served red wine and a big plate of spaghetti. What the student realized, was her mother did not hear her request or desires, and that only reinforced her feeling of powerlessness and hopeless to change. By clearing, and increasing her awareness, she realized that her addiction to alcohol and food was emotional coping to her neediness to be accepted in the family, through the clearing, she has been sober for 3 months, lost 5 lbs. and is learning how to not feel powerless in the presence of her mother and family. If you relate to this, consider joining the Living Lighter class to increase your awareness and connection to your physical body so you can change!

Follow the story about Jane and her desire to overcome procrastination this week! Updates will be added to this post daily. (All people represented in this story are fictitious)

Jane works as a trainer for a training company. While she is a very capable employee, she struggles with procrastination. Currently, her procrastination is making it difficult for her to complete the proposal she has been charged with. Bob, her boss, calls Jane into his office and says “Jane, Acme Company has just called me and they want the proposal presented in 2 weeks. You have discussed some great ideas about how to present this proposal to Acme. If you make this presentation, and Acme signs on, I’ll give you the promotion we have been discussing.” As Jane leaves the meeting, she is ecstatic, doing a little dance around her desk. This promotion has been a dream of hers for years now. But then her happiness fades into panic, thinking to herself, “can I get it done?”

Jane calls her UTUE Teacher, excitedly stating, “I’ve been given the opportunity to present a proposal, which could lead to a promotion, but I don’t know that I can complete it – what the @*%& do I do???” Her UTUE Teacher calmly explains that procrastination is an emotion that can be cleared.  “There are other emotions associated with procrastination, such as fear, unworthiness, shame, anxiety, distraction and frenzy. By clearing procrastination energy, we can see what emotions might be keeping you connected to your need to procrastinate, even if you are motivated to do well!” Jane resplies, “I really want to make my deadline! Can you help me?”

Day 1

Jane works with her UTUE Teacher and they begin clearing.  They clear procrastination, fear, unworthiness and helplessness.  Her Teacher sees the energy of jealousy that Jane is carrying.  Jane gasps “Yes, my mother was jealous of me and my abilities; she would beat me up emotionally whenever I was successful.” Jane continues, saying “whenever I’m ready to complete a project I get these butterflies in my stomach and I feel stuck.” The Teacher begins working with Jane to clear the memories of the emotional pain that happened whenever Jane was about to finish a project, the resistance to finishing, and fear of the pain of completion.  Then they begin clearing the barriers to Jane’s creativity and confidence to do a great job on this project.   Jane ends the session feeling full of ideas and possibilities.

Day 2

After leaving the UTUE Teacher she has felt good and she has many ideas about how to present a great training program for Acme Company so they will sign a contract with her company.  It’s been 5 days since Bob spoke to her; Bob calls her for an update, “bring everything you have on your Acme presentation to my office now.” Terror grips Jane because although she has had many ideas she realizes that she doesn’t have anything to show Bob.  She makes an excuse and quickly types up a few ideas on paper.  As she sits down in Bob’s office, she feels the overwhelming anxiety in her stomach.  She gives Bob her brief list.  Bob’s face becomes red – she knows he wants to yell at her – but he keeps is voice under control.  He says “Jane, I’m very disappointed; I thought you would be farther along with this project.  I don’t want any excuses and I know I don’t have to say that if you make us look bad you could be fired!” Jane leaves the office dejected and filled with anxiety.

Day 3

Jane’s enthusiasm and excitement has turned to depression and powerlessness.  She feels the anxiety and fear in her body, making it difficult for her to focus on her project.  She contacts her UTUE Teacher, who gives her some suggestions about what to clear and encourages her to attend the UTUE weekly class.  The topic of the class doesn’t relate to her procrastination issues, but she feels more focused after participating in class, with the general clearing, visualization and activating Creator Energy.  Everyday, Jane clears her need to procrastinate, and activates creator energy to have focus to complete this project with ease; as she feels better, she works on the presentation. She is up late the night before the scheduled meeting, completing the last minute work on the presentation.  The day of the presentation she is ready, but tired from all the last minute work. She clears her anxiety and overwhelm just before the presentation.  Jane leads the meeting, the customers are fully engaged in the presentation, and Jane shows her ability to identify the customer’s needs.  The customers are pleased with the proposal, and Jane is ecstatic. The president of Acme says it was an excellent presentation and signs a big contract for services.  Bob is all smiles during the presentation, but as they leave he says to Jane, “Lets meet next Monday in my office.” He doesn’t look happy.

Day 4

Jane sits down in Bob’s office.  “Jane”, he says, “you did a great presentation and it was amazing work, but I have serious concerns about your ability to get the work done if I give you this promotion.”  Jane feels like someone just punched her and feels betrayed, “Bob, you promised, you need to give me a chance” Bob is obviously uncomfortable but says “when I promised you the promotion I felt you could handle the job and with this new client it was easy to justify this new position.  But I’m worried that I’m going to have to supervise you and I expect my mangers to be self starters.

Attend our class tonight and we will decide Jane’s fate and whether Bob should give her the promotion.  We’ll talk about procrastination and what Jane can do.

Day 5

Jane had a meeting with Bob and he praised her presentation and that they were able to get the contract.  Bob said to Jane, “your skills and abilities are first rate and I would like to give you that promotion but I can’t.  If you’re a manager I expect you to be able to do your work and prioritize it like a manager and be a model for your staff.”  Jane responded, “that’s not fair and I did what was asked of me and we got the contract!” Bob was firm, “if every time you do a project I have to worry that you might not get it done then I can’t have you as a manager, and it’s a bad example for your staff!” Jane left the meeting feeling betrayed and hurt.  She went to see her UTUE Teacher and told her about the situation.  Her teacher said “you don’t realize that your procrastination affects everyone around you.” Jane exclaimed “I get it! I was feeling hurt because I thought it was only me who was affected by my procrastination but I see now that it affects everyone.” Jane was determined to continue clearing so she would get better and get her promotion.

Welcome to UTUE’s new blog post.  check back here for new posts as we enter a new phase in interactive discussions with our community.