What Are You Really Craving This Holiday Season?

Yummmm, I can smell that pumpkin pie from here! And that seasonal music and lighting… It’s getting to be that time of year again.

We are entering the holiday season, which is a time of family, traditions, memories, expectations, socializing, entertaining, and LOTS of STRESS.

Think about this, November is National Diabetes Month. Right at Thanksgiving (and a variety of religious holidays), when families and friends are getting together, having parties and dinners, baking up a storm and … well, EATING!  We are also being alerted that diabetes is reaching alarming numbers. I just recently heard that over a third of a billion people have diabetes. Something is very wrong here!

What IS going on?

While most of us have some positive anticipation about being with family we may not have seen for a while, there is usually some anxiety about how it will go, and often for very good reason.

How many of you have experienced getting back together with relatives and felt the pull to fall into an old family role that may not be serving your present life?

What about old hurts and unresolved conflicts hidden behind the holiday smiles and hugs?

How about competition with siblings, cousins and co-workers? What about the lingering grief about a relative who is no longer with us that gets put on the back burner until we are together again, yet remains unexpressed. What about the company party or the school parties where we are supposed to add all of this activity into an already busy life? We don’t even have to mention the financial stress of this time, and sometimes not enough resources to pull off the expected holiday.

That’s a lot of stress!

The truth is we think we crave sweets and goodies during this time, but what do you really crave?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I really crave connection.

We may crave being loved, being seen and important, being respected. So much of our holiday season evokes a warm, happy, nostalgic, cheery time.

We all want that.

But, really, how often does the holiday season meet with our expectations, our longings, and our true cravings? Many of us seek to satisfy these unmet needs, desires and cravings with overeating, choosing foods we normally would not eat, alcohol and other indulgences. Not really being attentive, we seek to meet our emotional needs with something that doesn’t actually fulfill us.

What keeps us from having the connection, the love, the respect and importance we crave?

Who is running your show? Do you depend on the other people in your life to stop expecting things from you, to connect with you in a way you want, to give you the love and respect you desire? Do you give your power to your family and friends to determine for you if you are valuable, lovable, and important?

The truth is, each one of these things is our own responsibility, and the quality of our relationships has to do with our emotional makeup and our personality, not the other person’s.

At UTUE, we can guide you to effectively resolve and clear old patterns, emotions, expectations, and energies that keep you from having what you really need, want and desire.

We specialize in Green Personalities. This is your personality that stems directly from your core, rather than from unseen motivations and drives. We consider this an organic personality that doesn’t need to look outside itself for satisfaction by needing things from others or filling tummies with holiday indulgences.

Written by Amanda Zabel, M.A.Ed., LPC, NCC, Certified UTUE Practitioner

Emotional exhaustion is created when emotional energies build up and overwhelm us. There are two ways we can work with emotional exhaustion. One way is to clear on a regular basis so the negative emotions do not build up. Don’t just clear when you feel bad but clear all the time. Another important way to work with emotional exhaustion is to activate Creator Energy. If you need relief “right now” activate Creator Energy and take an energetic break.