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Join us for a fascinating, timely discussion. Jason and Patricia will be featured on The Sami G Show, a radio blog show hosted by Samantha Gilbert, Holistic Nutritionist. What comes to mind when you think of seduction, sex and food? Make this Valentine’s Day your most memorable ever with these key components designed to enhance your performance whether your are married, in a relationship, or single.
No time to listen in? All shows are archived so you can listen at any time and download to your favorite listening device. You can start clearing the following now to create a wonderful V-Day.

Clearings for Valentine’s Day

Note from Jason: I am passionate about my Valentine, Patricia, but the truth is, I am not so hot about the expectations of Valentine’s Day! I would like to offer a different approach reflected in these clearings to help you have a better relationship with your valentine.

For unmarried couples

Clear the need to seduce or win the seduction dance
Clear the barriers to having a good time
Clear the barriers to a genuine connection
Clear the veils and illusions so you can see each other’s best traits
Clear the barriers to real intimacy

For long married couples

Clear all the hurts, resentments, competition between you both
Clear the need for revenge for all those hurts and the issues that you hold against each other
Clear the barriers to the memories of when you were first in love
Clear the barriers to a genuine connection
Clear the barriers to direct honest and open communication
Clear expectations for this day
Clear the barriers to having fun and enjoying each other

For those who are alone on Valentine’s Day (whether you are in a relationship or not)

Clear loneliness, self pity and the drama of being alone
Clear the need for any self-destructive behaviors
Clear the veils and illusions so you can see all your strengths talents and abilities
Clear the barriers so you can honor yourself
Clear the barriers to direct and honest and open communication with yourself
Clear the barriers to receiving Creator Energy

For Everyone

Activate Creator Energy for yourself
Clear the barriers to being the Creator’s Valentine!

Rudolph was a reindeer with a unique nose. Some saw his nose as bright red, others said it was shiny, and still others said it glowed. Rudolph, whose uniqueness was very well noted, was very unhappy, because all his life he felt unworthy and self-conscious. He did not fit in with the other reindeer, never being invited to play reindeer games. So Rudolph decided to get some help. He heard that Amanda was the best therapist in all the land, so went to her to ask for help. While she did not have any reindeer groups starting soon, she would help him because he obviously needed help. The first step to helping him was to start with UTUE to better understand his unique story of his life.

First he went to Merrilee, UTUE’s physical body expert, and asked her about his nose… What was going on with this nose of his? Merrilee responded with great heart and compassion, “Rudolph, I like your nose, and I don’t see anything wrong with it”. They identified that he was expressing his unworthiness and self-consciousness, and this was keeping him connected to the trauma in his nose.

Then, when he worked with Connie to uncover his imprint, they saw his natural leadership abilities were knocking on the door, showing that it was natural for him to be out front, leading the pack. The result of this was he started to see how his uniqueness could be viewed in a new way.

Next, when he cleared with Patricia, she said, “Breathe, Rudolph, just breathe, those other reindeer don’t really understand you!” They cleared his unworthiness some more, so he could stand up to those other reindeer, and connected with his power.

When Jason cleared with Rudolph, they were able to see how his Natural Leadership abilities could shine based on his uniqueness as a reindeer. This uniqueness could be developed to become stronger and bolder.

With this new understanding of his story, Rudolph returned to see Amanda. They continued clearing his unworthiness and shame about himself and his nose. He was filled with hope as the snow started to fly, signaling the beginning of the Christmas season.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say:

“Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you lead my sleigh tonight?”

Of course, then all the other reindeer loved him, and included him in all their reindeer games!


rudolph the red nosed reindeer-thumb-250x364

In this Christmas Season, a great gift to yourself is to remember the power of clearing yourself to bring your unique talents forward.

Happy Holidays from everyone at UTUE

Recently PBS aired a segment on worker burnout. Many companies are asking workers to work more for less money and workers do it because they are afraid to lose their job. Worker burnout and dissatisfaction are epidemic in the country, so we thought it would be appropriate on Labor Day to highlight some solutions to this burnout energy. Let’s begin with a story about Jane.

Jane looked out the window and watched the rain bounce off the sill. It was a dreary day, rainy and cloudy and she thought to herself this is how I feel , sort of gray and sad. “Here I am on Sunday night working on a presentation for Monday and I feel resentful and angry. What should I do?”
Jane just turned forty, she has a husband and is the mother of two kids and a dog. She is an executive at a large company in a small city in the Midwest. Her mentor and champion had left the company and her new boss didn’t really like her. She knew that she wasn’t likely to move up any time soon. She would have to move out of town to get a better job but her kids were happy with their friends and schools and they were settled in their current neighborhood. Her husband was a teacher and had seniority because of all his years of service so they would lose income if they moved and she knew she would have trouble convincing him to move.
Someone had told Jane that she was suffering from burnout. As she was driving to work one day she considered her options. Jane thought to herself “I don’t really know what I want or if a promotion would really satisfy me”! At the same time she was worried because she managed a major cutback in staff and she was afraid she might be next. Maybe she should just feel grateful for her current job and stop feeling sorry for herself?

Can you relate your life to Jane’s? Are you suffering from the same problems?

What causes burnout?

Treating ourselves like machines! When we treat ourselves like a machine we create a form of emotional pollution that leaves a trail of toxic energy in our wake as we go through our life.

We are taught to use emotional programs that are patterned after machines and are toxic. For example, setting objectives that over ride feelings, constantly pushing and driving ourselves, ignoring sickness and health issues, using self –discipline and self-control regardless of how we feel, and directing ourselves in favor of productivity over everything else.

We often hear the phrase being Professional or acting Professional. That’s code in the corporate world for “continuing to act and perform without regard to feelings”, creating a professional persona that is out of alignment with our true self. If we use a professional persona long enough we lose ourselves and our ability to know how to make ourselves happy. That is a symptom of burnout!

What is the answer?

  • Be organic with yourself: Use the UTUE Clearing process to remove the emotional pollution in your life. Use the UTUE Clearing process to go inward to your essence to know who you are and practice being in alignment with your true self and therefore organic with yourself.
  • Be Green with yourself: Connect with your essence and be organic. Clear your way so you can love, nurture, value, and honor that part of yourself. Activate the mind body connection and you’ll feel better. Our Living Lighter Exercise Program activates the mind body connection while exercising. You’ll feel better and be greener with yourself.
  • Use sustainable emotional programs: In order to uncover your negative emotional programs work with a UTUE Teacher. Once you uncover the negative programs that affect you, you can consciously learn how to and practice replacing them with new sustainable emotional programs that are in alignment with your true self. This will help you connect to your organic being more easily and improve your ability to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Find out how Amanda, our first therapist certified in the UTUE Clearing process, works with UTUE to help her clients increase their emotional intelligence.

Here, in Amanda’s words, how she has seen the effects of this make a difference in her own and her clients lives.


Watch Jason’s story about what happened to the little boy and the face as he grew up…


We have heard that intuition can be used… but what does this really mean, in a practical sense?

Jason shares a story about a little boy and the face in the window.


Can you think of ways where you lost your connection to your intuitive channel while you were growing up?


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