What to do about the uglies?

If you struggle with the Uglies you can overcome them by first identifying the situations and feelings with emotions, and then clearing them. Let’s take a look at three examples:

Abby is trying on her jeans that fit the last time she wore them and now she can barely zip them up. Abby panics and starts to think about going on a diet where she can lose 10 pounds in ten days even though she knows it isn’t healthy. (emotions: panic, impatience, self sabotage)

Jean is going to her high school reunion; as she is preparing, she sees that her acne is acting up. Although she was looking forward to being there, she is now considering staying home. (emotions: fear of judgment and criticism)

Martha is having a dinner party; When she is visiting a high end grocery store, she looks around , believing everyone she sees seems prettier, thinner, and just plain better than her. She has now lost her enthusiasm for the dinner party and wants to call it off.(emotions: competition, addiction to compare ourselves to everyone)

The best antidote to the Uglies is to activate Creator Energy. This energy reminds us of our innate value and worthiness. Creator Energy helps us activate the self love that we need at this moment. When we get the Uglies, sometimes its better to take a break from clearing the negative energies, and just focus on activating Creator Energy until we feel better. Once we feel better, we can try clearing these emotions:

Panic, fear of judgment, fear of criticism
Anger, hate, hate of self, resentment and bitterness
Impatience, self sabotage, self abuse
Competition, envy, jealousy
Shame, guilt and the addiction to compare ourselves to everyone else

Lets stomp out those Uglies! Keep the discussion going, add more examples below!

Most of us believe that the holidays should be a time of love, family and togetherness, however, the reality is usually the opposite by having negative emotions and old hurts being recycled and in the forefront. Starting in January, UTUE is offering classes on Living Lighter, a program to lessen the burden of these negative emotions, just like those experienced during the holidays. These negative emotions are directly connected to weight gain and poor eating habits during the holidays. Do you have some experiences that you believe could be changed if you were living lighter today?

Emotions are the carrier of information from our essence, non-physical dimension, and the Creator. Due to cultural training we struggle with the accurate interpretation of these messages that are carried by our emotions. The way to create more clarity for the interpretation of these messages is to clear the great imbalance of negative emotions. Clearing the imbalances will gradually help understand these messages.

Emotional exhaustion is created when emotional energies build up and overwhelm us. There are two ways we can work with emotional exhaustion. One way is to clear on a regular basis so the negative emotions do not build up. Don’t just clear when you feel bad but clear all the time. Another important way to work with emotional exhaustion is to activate Creator Energy. If you need relief “right now” activate Creator Energy and take an energetic break.

When it comes to the subject of losing weight the focus is on the food you eat, and how to change your diet and exercise. All these things are important factors in losing and maintaining your weight. But is there something else to consider? We invite you to change your perspective to focus on the negative emotions that cause us to overeat, eat compulsively, or eat the wrong foods. If we can change our perspective about our negative emotions, we can change our ability to maintain our weight. What have been your struggles with weight? Do you see a relationship between your emotions and your weight?