The Mind-Body connection and Intuition

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Find out how intuition and the mind-body connection relate to one another…


Find out how Amanda, our first therapist certified in the UTUE Clearing process, works with UTUE to help her clients increase their emotional intelligence.

Here, in Amanda’s words, how she has seen the effects of this make a difference in her own and her clients lives.


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We have heard that intuition can be used… but what does this really mean, in a practical sense?

Jason shares a story about a little boy and the face in the window.


Can you think of ways where you lost your connection to your intuitive channel while you were growing up?

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The Non-physical dimension is an intangible place of energy and intelligence that can be perceived through intuition. It contains infinite intelligence that is the source of inspiration and genius. The non-physical dimension is the source of all ideas and human advancement whether it is acknowledged or not.

At UTUE our Teachers are Intuitives. Intuition is a natural and organic sense to human beings and we have developed this ability with the UTUE Process. Intuition is a channel that carries information via emotions. Most Intuitives (also called psychics, mediums, clairvoyants etc.) have a channel that is well developed but the real key is the ability to interpret the messages that emotions carry, in an objective way. The UTUE Process focuses on the imbalances that keep us from being objective with our emotions.

Our imagination reads the content that flows in the channel called intuition. Emotions carry the messages. Our essence communicates through our intuition and uses emotions as the content, and our imagination to helps us interpret the messages by showing us pictures in our mind’s eye. Our essence can use other ways to communicate but intuition and imagination are primary.

It is so exciting that this pathway called intuition can access infinite intelligence, creativity, wisdom, conscience, self love, life purpose and our connection to the Creator. But our cultural training works at cross purposes with intuition, leading us to constantly degrade this channel to our detriment. We are trained to either numb out our emotions, or take control of them, in hopes for greater objectivity. However, numbing or controlling our emotions creates blockages to our intuition. It is through our intuition that we have access to infinite intelligence and creativity; the way we are taught to work with our emotions interferes with the flow or download of very important information.

Clearing negative emotions always has the secondary effect of opening our intuition. These negative emotions act as clogs and barriers to the channel or pathway to intuition. As we clear these negative emotions, instead of working around or avoiding them, we create a better flow of information through our intuition.