Steve Jobs and Apple: Why Natural Leadership is the Key to Success

Last week we talked about the anti-aging personality. In this post, we’re applying this same concept in the business world in the form of Natural Leadership.

The best anti-aging remedy for Apple is to develop their culture the same way we develop a Green Personality: by changing the energy and by resisting too much programming. If Apple adopts the ways of a Green Personality, it can sustain and renew itself continuously.

The question in everyone’s mind is whether Apple can continue it’s innovative leadership without Steve Jobs. If they try to imitate or program others with his vision, creativity, and style, it’s likely that Apple will get old and stuck in the past.

Current leadership development is based on approaches that program and imitate great leaders. It is based on the false belief that modeling or acting like a great leader will help others bring out their best capabilities. It is common practice to use lists of traits that say creative people “act” this way. This type of practice is actually programming in disguise, and these methods often stifle and block true development of creativity.

There is no doubt that Apple and business schools across the country will have a proliferation of instruction manuals for Jobian culture and vision. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach because it does not allow individuals to develop their own inner voice and intuition.

Even Steve Jobs said in his famous Stanford Commencement address “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart, and intuition.” Yet traditional ways of developing leaders drown out and suppresses their inner voice, heart, and intuition through programming and imitation.

How do you preserve and develop your own inner voice heart and intuition? By removing the energetic blocks and barriers to it. Developing a Green Personality and becoming a Natural Leader are energetic processes that reveal you to yourself. It gives you access to the same resources that Steve Jobs was able to access. These resources of creativity, vision, and intelligence are infinite and available to everyone who uncovers them.

Steve Jobs was a genius that naturally was able to connect with resources that are infinite. The solution for Apple is not to clone Jobs but to help their management develop unique connections to the same resources that Jobs was able to access. This is a Green Personality becoming a Natural Leader – a process that works by removing the negative energy that blocks access to creativity, vision, and intelligence.

As an Intuitive Leadership Coach, I have helped many leaders create a Green Personality by developing their natural creativity, intuition, and vision.  I “see” how it works and I help others do the same.

To Apple and the World – honor the man and his genius by developing your own creativity, vision, and natural leadership abilities!