We are changing the world with UTUE – here’s how! And how you can help!

Today is UTUE’s birthday! In honor of our birthday, we invite you to share our mutual passion – transformation personally and worldwide. Here is how we’re changing the world!

Start with yourself

We have all heard that the answers to life are within, to go inward, trust yourself, listen to your heart, be true to yourself etc. But who helps you figure out how to do that???!!!! At UTUE we work at the true root for all that happens in our lives as individuals and the world as a whole. This energetic place is called our essence (soul) and is unique to the individual.   Individual change that happens at the level of essence is connected to the fabric of humanity.

The fabric of humanity affects us all

The fabric of humanity is an invisible connection that unites us. This fabric connects all of us and when change happens for one it affects the whole.

When individuals change at the level of essence it affects the fabric of humanity

After doing this work for over 10 years I see that when one person overcomes a particular issue, the next person who has the same issue overcomes that issue in a way that is easier even thought they don’t know each other and come from different parts of the country. What is the explanation? We are all part of a fabric of humanity that connects us in an unconscious way. When one person finds their power, or learns how to love themselves, or overcomes hate and bitterness and any of the many other profound changes that happen at the level of essence it make it easier for those who seek to do the same.

Does that mean that when I make a change at the level of essence I am helping others change?

Yes, yes, yes! When one of our students makes a change at the level of essence they are helping others who would follow in their path. When a woman learns to stand up for herself (at the level of essence) in a suburb in the Midwest, that information or knowing is posted within the fabric of humanity. So when another woman struggles to find her power at the level of essence, it’s available to her because she is connected to this same fabric. Just by working on yourself at the level of essence you can change the world because you connect with the fabric of humanity. This is real, permanent, lasting change.

What about all the improvements and change that happens in the world now?

There are many strategies and techniques that are used for self improvement and to help with the global problems. These techniques are often very effective. However, since these strategies and techniques don’t work at the level of essence, a situation is created where when one area is focused on, improvements are noticed in that area, but another area gets worse. This creates situations where there is never enough, resources, help, money and ideas to create a net gain.  Just as there is improvement in one area, three more problems come forward demanding attention.

So what is the answer?

Help us help others make change at the level of essence as we have been doing for the last 10 years. Help us make changes to this fabric of humanity! If you close your eyes and connect, you can see this faint glow of light around UTUE and all of our students around the country!

How can I help nurture this glow of light around UTUE?

By helping UTUE reach more people. We charge for our services, but this does not cover the need for funds to develop programs. Your gift of money to UTUE helps us expand our programs. Currently, three programs are offered to help our students connect with the energies of your essence in practical ways that impact daily life:

Living Lighter

This is an exercise program that introduces the UTUE clearing process in an easy fun way, helping people connect with their mind-body connection positively. The results have been so phenomenal that we predict that you will be clearing with music and these moves in the future!  This program has made clearing understandable and fun for everyone!

Natural Leadership

This leadership development program helps leaders and aspiring leaders learn how to become more effective by helping them connect with their inner resources and develop leadership talents (and skills) that evoke true change.

Authentic Life Transformation

Authentic Life Transformation, our core program, helps individuals understand ones unique story and how to clear to move forward in a practical way that is in alignment with their own story.

We need your help to change the world!

UTUE is organized as a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation; our intent is not to make a profit, but to make a change in the everyday lives of as many people as possible. If this cause speaks to you, consider helping us create programs that are affordable and easily accessed my many people.

Why your donation is so important

Not many people understand the fabric of humanity and how we are all connected. Traditional societal values do not include intuition and emotional intelligence; as a result, when we approach problems large and small, it is easy to spin without making progress. If you understand the fabric of humanity and how change at the level of essence affects us all, then it is critical that you help us! There are just a handful of people in the world today who understand these concepts. If you’re one of them, help us change the world!

Consider giving to UTUE in this time of financial uncertainty

For years there have been many legitimate causes and places to donate your money. We believe that those causes and issues, like hunger, disease, poverty, the needs of children, etc, are still important. We encourage you to contribute to those causes. We also ask you to consider UTUE as a part of that giving, because after many years of dealing with the same issues, it is time to focus on the fabric of humanity and contribute to programs that can make an impact by addressing the root causes.

Visit our Razoo link to donate now

Razoo is a nonprofit organization that helps other nonprofits receive donations.

How donated contributions will be used

The Living Lighter program content is developed. Our next focus is to capture this in a video format for broader distribution. Currently, we are using borrowed video equipment, and making do with limited lighting and sound equipment. Additional funding would be used to invest in video, lighting and sound equipment to help us develop these videos.

The Natural Leadership program is in content development phase. Additional funds would help us continue to develop the content, and provide program scholarships to qualified individuals who have a desire to be develop and use their Natural Leadership talents.

Authentic Life Transformation has undergone its own transformation behind the scenes, and we are preparing to bring this forward. Funds donated here will help us with our marketing effort to present this core program, and help people find us.

The coach is in my face, screaming “Push it! drive it through, give me one more (rep)”. When I was in high school sports and then in the Army, this happened often as we did physical training and tried to be the best! Like everyone else I just assumed this was the way to maximum performance. The way to coach others in anything was to push them drive them and say more, more, better, better. Don’t stop, keep going! Right???

As Intuitives, working with many people over many years, we have encountered numerous situations indicating that driving people in this way does NOT work! Why? Because it activates our critical voice that tells us, “we have failed, we’re not good enough.”

So what does this have to do with eating compulsively?

Traditional motivational techniques of willpower, self discipline, self control and competition often make us feel the negative emotions like guilt, shame, hurt and anger. But at the time, we may be suppressing these negative emotions, and therefore not aware of them. The minute we let down our guard of self control, we have the need to eat compulsively, which comes from the buildup of these negative emotions. No wonder there is so much yo-yo weight gain and loss.

Willpower and self control are not sustainable or organic to the way we are designed, especially regarding eating. We’re designed to eat to sustain life and fuel our everyday activity. When we overindulge in eating, or overeat, the simple act of ‘eating’ becomes a coping mechanism to overcome too much negative emotion or emotional pollution.

So, if you find that you do use self control, willpower and competition when dieting, consider that there may be a price you are paying that you aren’t even aware of! The answer is to clear your negative emotions when you have that urge to overeat. Next week find out what you can use in place of self discipline and self control and will power.

Our Living Lighter Fitness Program is designed to help you remove those negative emotions on a regular basis.  Demos going on now in the San Francisco area.

Patricia was interviewed on Blog Radio

To learn more about emotional eating, we invite you to listen to a  radio interview where Patricia, a UTUE Teacher, is interviewed by Samantha Gilbert, founder of  SamiG , to learn more about emotional eating, with a focus on competition energy.

Learn more about Sami G, Your Guide to Nourishment here!  Samantha is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner who is passionate about and totally committed to empowering others to develop an authentic relationship with food that is conscientious, enjoyable and results driven.

Recently PBS aired a segment on worker burnout. Many companies are asking workers to work more for less money and workers do it because they are afraid to lose their job. Worker burnout and dissatisfaction are epidemic in the country, so we thought it would be appropriate on Labor Day to highlight some solutions to this burnout energy. Let’s begin with a story about Jane.

Jane looked out the window and watched the rain bounce off the sill. It was a dreary day, rainy and cloudy and she thought to herself this is how I feel , sort of gray and sad. “Here I am on Sunday night working on a presentation for Monday and I feel resentful and angry. What should I do?”
Jane just turned forty, she has a husband and is the mother of two kids and a dog. She is an executive at a large company in a small city in the Midwest. Her mentor and champion had left the company and her new boss didn’t really like her. She knew that she wasn’t likely to move up any time soon. She would have to move out of town to get a better job but her kids were happy with their friends and schools and they were settled in their current neighborhood. Her husband was a teacher and had seniority because of all his years of service so they would lose income if they moved and she knew she would have trouble convincing him to move.
Someone had told Jane that she was suffering from burnout. As she was driving to work one day she considered her options. Jane thought to herself “I don’t really know what I want or if a promotion would really satisfy me”! At the same time she was worried because she managed a major cutback in staff and she was afraid she might be next. Maybe she should just feel grateful for her current job and stop feeling sorry for herself?

Can you relate your life to Jane’s? Are you suffering from the same problems?

What causes burnout?

Treating ourselves like machines! When we treat ourselves like a machine we create a form of emotional pollution that leaves a trail of toxic energy in our wake as we go through our life.

We are taught to use emotional programs that are patterned after machines and are toxic. For example, setting objectives that over ride feelings, constantly pushing and driving ourselves, ignoring sickness and health issues, using self –discipline and self-control regardless of how we feel, and directing ourselves in favor of productivity over everything else.

We often hear the phrase being Professional or acting Professional. That’s code in the corporate world for “continuing to act and perform without regard to feelings”, creating a professional persona that is out of alignment with our true self. If we use a professional persona long enough we lose ourselves and our ability to know how to make ourselves happy. That is a symptom of burnout!

What is the answer?

  • Be organic with yourself: Use the UTUE Clearing process to remove the emotional pollution in your life. Use the UTUE Clearing process to go inward to your essence to know who you are and practice being in alignment with your true self and therefore organic with yourself.
  • Be Green with yourself: Connect with your essence and be organic. Clear your way so you can love, nurture, value, and honor that part of yourself. Activate the mind body connection and you’ll feel better. Our Living Lighter Exercise Program activates the mind body connection while exercising. You’ll feel better and be greener with yourself.
  • Use sustainable emotional programs: In order to uncover your negative emotional programs work with a UTUE Teacher. Once you uncover the negative programs that affect you, you can consciously learn how to and practice replacing them with new sustainable emotional programs that are in alignment with your true self. This will help you connect to your organic being more easily and improve your ability to feel fulfilled and satisfied.