How to Recover From The Holiday Hangover Today

The holidays have come and gone. It is totally normal to feel a letdown. After all the expended energy and excitement, stimulation and celebrating, it is natural to feel the void of energy as we settle back down into our ordinary routine. That routine might even feel rather boring and mundane after all the celebration.

It is vital that we acknowledge what we are feeling whether it is that we are a bit tired, or even a little sad. Acknowledging those energies does not mean we have to stay in them. Once we recognize them, we can clear them, and then replace them with other, more satisfying energy.

We can clear the exhaustion, and the sadness, and the let down energy.
We can also clear the left over overwhelm and anxiety, and judgment about the holidays.

If we focus on the gratitude that we were able to sense during the holidays, and remember what was good during our time of celebrating, it makes this time period easier, allowing the authentic transition from a busy time into a quieter time.

Now would be the time to practice your meditation, engage in gentle exercise, see to your rest and foods that support your energy. Remember to use full spectrum light bulbs to receive the light you need during these short days.
This would also be the time to contemplate that blank slate piece we talked about on Christmas Eve where we can continue to write our new life in this transformational time. There is no better time than the present to really start to bring that Authentic Self into the forefront.

Be gentle with yourself. The darkness of this time will start to lift soon. Clearing will help allow your true authentic self to shine forth. That is your Light.

~ By Merrilee Town