Is your body cranky? What can you do about it?

When we experience the emotions of anger, resentment, anxiety, fear and bitterness, how do we minimize the impact of these emotions on our physical bodies? We can use intention to learn how to remove these memories and negative emotions in our bodies by using the UTUE Clearing Process. When we are able to remove the negative emotions, we have the ability to sleep more restfully, increase immune system function, and recover more quickly.

In our class we will focus on common negative emotions and the body/mind connection as we clear for a peaceful body that is well oiled and humming instead of a cranky engine that is headed for a break down. Some emotions that we will look at in this class are anger, fear, bitterness, resentment, panic, feeling trapped, feeling indecisive, righteousness, and grief and how they affect us.

Suggestion: Clear the barriers that are keeping you from letting go of your emotions with ease, clear the impact of those emotions on your organs, and Activate Creator Energy to connect with the rejuvenating energy your body desires. Visualize yourself nourishing your organs with creator energy.

Join us on Wednesday to learn what our bodies are telling us, and how we can use clearing to change the energy in our bodies.