Secret to Creating Balance for the Holidays – A Green Personality

To have a green personality means to be natural and authentic from your essence. How is this possible when we have been trained to do the season of giving with competition, jealousy and go, go, go? Not to mention ‘to say all the right platitudes’ that have been taught from the past. And finally, the rules that say eating and drinking the traditions of the season without a thought of ‘is this in my highest and best interest?’

I want to tell you a story of my mother and how she taught me to be dysfunctional at Christmas. I remember as Christmas was approaching the frenzy energy would start to build. My Mother would have expectations that the rest of us would take on her idea of a good holiday. I see that she would whip herself into a frenzy trying to play the role of perfect mother and if my sisters and I didn’t do what she wanted she would be abusive, abrasive and mean. The message was, it was so important to be happy for the holidays, so that she could be a diva. Our job was to perform for her no matter what the emotional cost. As a child, I didn’t realize the contradiction in the training I was getting. On Christmas Eve, after sending us all to bed, I would find her sitting in the middle of the living room floor crying, wrapping presents. She would stay up all night, exhausted and emotionally spent, trying to be the perfect Mom and creating the perfect Christmas. Then after the holidays, She would always be tired and disappointed, because her expectations were impossible to achieve. I always felt that somehow it was my responsibility to make sure my mother was happy for the holidays; as a result, when I got older, I became a participant in this madness! I really thought that this was the way the holidays were supposed to be.

Since I have started clearing on a regular basis, I have been able to see the old patterns and games of the season from a different perspective. What a difference! I can see how my neediness for everyone else’s approval has held me hostage in the games and patterns that mostly belonged to my Mother. Truth; I am not my Mother nor am I willing to put myself into an early grave like she did trying to please everyone else. Today I choose to do what is right for me!

Today, since I have a different perspective of life and the season, I see that by using the essence of who I am, I am creating a green personality. This personality is natural and organic, so when the holidays arrive, I can enjoy them easily, without too much effort. This is my secret to creating balance. Be green with me and enjoy this season!!

Contribution by Patricia Rohn

Written by UTUE Director Patricia Rohn

It is difficult for me to write this story because of my feelings about my daughter with this disease. I have struggled with feelings of fear, hopelessness, shame and anger and I know that these overwhelming emotions can be almost as difficult as the disease itself. The mind-body connection is so evident to me. As I work with these emotions everyday, I confess that I have felt like somehow Jennifer’s diabetes is my fault and I know that Jennifer has felt that her disease is some type of punishment or label of unworthiness for her. I hope this story can help others as they struggle and to know that there is hope and possibilities for life that many may have not considered.

When my Daughter Jennifer was ten and a half she got the flu or so we thought. She had been sick for about two weeks, so I took her to the doctor. He ordered a standard blood test; it confirmed she had a virus of some kind, so it was agreed that it would have to run its course. Five days later she was close to death, and after a rush to the emergency room she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1). Her blood sugars were well over 800. The average blood sugar levels (for a person without diabetes) are 80 to 120.

Jennifer is now in her 40’s. For the first 20 years she learned how to stay relatively healthy, even as she continued to live with diabetes. But she resisted going to the doctor and having regular checkups because she disliked and feared medical buildings and doctors. To her they represented the judgment and implied criticism that she felt from the disease: an evaluation of her as a person. She took the doctors and the results of their findings personally. This made my guilt even greater, because of my emotional approach to the world, and I felt that Jennifer learned her emotionality from me.

Jennifer and I began clearing together over ten years ago. I could see how her positive emotions helped her take care of herself and I even saw that when she was feeling hopeless and angry it affected her tests when she went to the doctor. We work together at least once a week doing the clearing, removing toxic emotions and energies, so that she can be happy and healthy. There have been times that this situation has been overwhelming for me and Jennifer, so she began to work with Merrilee, our UTUE Teacher who is has expertise with the physical body.

Recently, one of the major effects of Diabetes caught us by surprise. Jennifer developed Diabetic Retinopathy; as a result she is legally blind in her right eye. Emotionally, this was devastating for both of us. Our mutual fear of Jennifer becoming blind has been very difficult. As we struggled coping with doctors and the medical establishment, it was so clear the difference between doctors who have a “green personality” and those who don’t. We had a doctor tell her that it was inevitable that she would be blind and that she should just get used to it! Of course, that was just a judgment on his part that we refused to accept. There have been other doctors whose compassion and heart is truly an inspiration.  Without the clearing I’m not sure we would have coped with this situation as good as we have.

Many people ask me to rate the importance of nutritional support, exercise and clearing.  The reason we are working with Samantha is because these things cannot be separated and are part of a Green Personality. A true holistic approach is one that honors the mind body connection where the physical body and the emotions are considered. Many in the medical profession expect their patients to “just do it” without any emotional response or resistance. These medical professionals live in a world of denial and isolation. Contrast that with the many medical professionals who are heroes with great heart, compassion and familiarity with human emotions.

Diabetes is a difficult disease but it is not hopeless or insurmountable. I am so fortunate to have the clearing support as well as our other UTUE Teachers, Merrilee and Samantha to help. It is so clear that the mind body approach to diabetes or any disease has many benefits to everyone’s overall wellbeing.  Three key components accessible to all are: clearing the negative emotions, maintaining proper nutrition and exercise. This approach allows anyone to take their power and keeps them from becoming a victim to diabetes and other illnesses.

Rudolph was a reindeer with a unique nose. Some saw his nose as bright red, others said it was shiny, and still others said it glowed. Rudolph, whose uniqueness was very well noted, was very unhappy, because all his life he felt unworthy and self-conscious. He did not fit in with the other reindeer, never being invited to play reindeer games. So Rudolph decided to get some help. He heard that Amanda was the best therapist in all the land, so went to her to ask for help. While she did not have any reindeer groups starting soon, she would help him because he obviously needed help. The first step to helping him was to start with UTUE to better understand his unique story of his life.

First he went to Merrilee, UTUE’s physical body expert, and asked her about his nose… What was going on with this nose of his? Merrilee responded with great heart and compassion, “Rudolph, I like your nose, and I don’t see anything wrong with it”. They identified that he was expressing his unworthiness and self-consciousness, and this was keeping him connected to the trauma in his nose.

Then, when he worked with Connie to uncover his imprint, they saw his natural leadership abilities were knocking on the door, showing that it was natural for him to be out front, leading the pack. The result of this was he started to see how his uniqueness could be viewed in a new way.

Next, when he cleared with Patricia, she said, “Breathe, Rudolph, just breathe, those other reindeer don’t really understand you!” They cleared his unworthiness some more, so he could stand up to those other reindeer, and connected with his power.

When Jason cleared with Rudolph, they were able to see how his Natural Leadership abilities could shine based on his uniqueness as a reindeer. This uniqueness could be developed to become stronger and bolder.

With this new understanding of his story, Rudolph returned to see Amanda. They continued clearing his unworthiness and shame about himself and his nose. He was filled with hope as the snow started to fly, signaling the beginning of the Christmas season.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say:

“Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you lead my sleigh tonight?”

Of course, then all the other reindeer loved him, and included him in all their reindeer games!


rudolph the red nosed reindeer-thumb-250x364

In this Christmas Season, a great gift to yourself is to remember the power of clearing yourself to bring your unique talents forward.

Happy Holidays from everyone at UTUE

The coach is in my face, screaming “Push it! drive it through, give me one more (rep)”. When I was in high school sports and then in the Army, this happened often as we did physical training and tried to be the best! Like everyone else I just assumed this was the way to maximum performance. The way to coach others in anything was to push them drive them and say more, more, better, better. Don’t stop, keep going! Right???

As Intuitives, working with many people over many years, we have encountered numerous situations indicating that driving people in this way does NOT work! Why? Because it activates our critical voice that tells us, “we have failed, we’re not good enough.”

So what does this have to do with eating compulsively?

Traditional motivational techniques of willpower, self discipline, self control and competition often make us feel the negative emotions like guilt, shame, hurt and anger. But at the time, we may be suppressing these negative emotions, and therefore not aware of them. The minute we let down our guard of self control, we have the need to eat compulsively, which comes from the buildup of these negative emotions. No wonder there is so much yo-yo weight gain and loss.

Willpower and self control are not sustainable or organic to the way we are designed, especially regarding eating. We’re designed to eat to sustain life and fuel our everyday activity. When we overindulge in eating, or overeat, the simple act of ‘eating’ becomes a coping mechanism to overcome too much negative emotion or emotional pollution.

So, if you find that you do use self control, willpower and competition when dieting, consider that there may be a price you are paying that you aren’t even aware of! The answer is to clear your negative emotions when you have that urge to overeat. Next week find out what you can use in place of self discipline and self control and will power.

Our Living Lighter Fitness Program is designed to help you remove those negative emotions on a regular basis.  Demos going on now in the San Francisco area.

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