The Best Anti-Aging Therapy is Having a Green Personality – Part II

Earlier this month, Patricia shared her life story before she embodied a Green Personality. Let’s take a look at an example to show you how you can aid your own anti-aging process.

How we suppress our body’s nudges and stay stuck in limiting perspectives.
Remember Patricia’s story about her pancreatitis? She overcame this chronic condition by changing the energy connected to it, which led to renewal of her mind and body.

Meet Jane: in her late 80’s, and has suffered from stomach pain for the past few decades. Her doctor has her on medications to suppress the pain. Two weeks ago she was not feeling right, so she was admitted to the hospital. The doctors decided to operate to remove her gallbladder. Much to everyone’s surprise, her gallbladder was gangrene. Jane suppressed her body’s nudges through the years, and found a way to survive, however, a Green Personality listens to the nudges and seeks to find the underlying cause. Jane is alive today, but this limited perspective kept her from listening to what her body was trying to tell her all those years. Had Jane listened, she would probably still have her gallbladder today.

If you are always seeing life in the same perspective, it is easy to become narrow-minded. Patricia found out that by changing her perspective about her ‘disease’, she could overcome her doctor’s predicted outcome. This is the mind body connection at work that comes from having a Green Personality.

What are some of the benefits of uncovering your Green Personality?
Patricia attributes developing her Green Personality to overcoming debilitating disease, and having a life that is sustainable and renewable. This does not mean that she no longer has challenges; challenges are a part of life. What it means is that as the challenges present themselves, she is able to react in a way to maintain inner balance and harmony. You can do this by:

  • Learning to trust yourself
  • Listening to the nudges and refusing to suppress them
  • Changing and expanding your perspective

Developing a Green Personality is the best anti-aging therapy for a happy, fulfilling life.