The Best Anti-Aging Therapy is Having a Green Personality – Part I

Patricia RohnThis month, our Director and Teacher Patricia Rohn will be 60 years young. Those who know Patricia are amazed at her energy, youthfulness, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence.

Why is it that she is so healthy and able to teach five exercise classes a week on top of working with students full-time?

It is because Patricia embodies what we call a Green Personality.

Simply put, a Green Personality renews and sustains positive behaviors and effectiveness over long periods of time. It develops and grows over time and is better with age. A Green Personality supports a healthy body because it is natural for both the essence (soul) and the body to work in harmony. This is what is commonly known as the mind body connection.

A Green Personality uncovers essence by removing negative energy. It is an energetic process. The opposite of a Green Personality is programming and training where the essence is not considered. Too much programming in the form of behaviors and patterns creates a toxic environment that leads to disease, toxicity, and aging of the body and mind.

Patricia’s journey to a Green Personality was not an easy one. A naturally gifted child, her intuitive and artistic abilities where quashed by her mother’s jealousy and rage. Patricia learned early on that she would be abused if she competed with her, and as a result, she grew up with a lot of guilt, shame and anger about her unique talents. These negative emotions manifested in her physical body in the form of rheumatoid arthritis and pancreatitis, two extremely debilitating and chronic conditions.

“When I was 22 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  I  had a nodule removed from my thyroid and two weeks later I woke up with my knee the size of a small melon. After many tests they concluded that I had RA, and the doctor said it was aggressive and moving quickly and intensely. He said that I would live in a wheel chair by the time I was 30 years old. In my bold way, I expressed my dissatisfaction and he said I didn’t have to be angry. I told him I was a dancer and this diagnosis was a crushing blow to me. The wheel chair never happened. I started to watch my diet and became a vegetarian and started to exercise. I was told to avoid white sugar and white flour.

However, later I started having pain after eating certain foods like French fries, processed foods, and chocolate. I was losing my appetite and was avoiding foods that had lots of fat. My family doctor suggested Prozac because he couldn’t find anything wrong. I was in continuous pain like a toothache in the center of my body and I wasn’t eating and losing weight. I was so miserable life wasn’t attractive. I went to a specialist who diagnosed the pancreatitis. He told me ‘you need to stop drinking’! But I had stopped drinking five years earlier! I told him I didn’t drink but he didn’t believe me. The doctor prescribed medication and I started to feel better, but I had constant diarrhea and I had to organize my life around bathrooms because I couldn’t trust that I could go somewhere and not have an attack. Although the medications helped a little, it was extremely expensive and I had to prepare all my own meals because if I ate the wrong thing I would have such severe diarrhea that it would put me in the hospital.  My life revolved around this disease and limited me in profound ways.

After 10 years, I remember the doctor said ‘I don’t know how you’ve made it this far and if things don’t change you’ll be lucky if you make it another year.’ I was angry and afraid I was going to die. Most people die from pancreatitis within the first six months. Five years into my pancreatitis I was in a car accident while training for a new job. The accident shattered my knee and I was unable to work for five years.  This was the same knee that my RA was diagnosed. I had a difficult time walking and even after five years, when I met Jason, I was walking with a limp. Being able to just walk let alone lead exercise classes seemed out of the question.”

Like most of us, Patricia was trained to cope with what was going on in her life by eliminating the problem. However, simply eliminating the problem is never a solution. For real change to occur, the energy surrounding the problem needs to change.

In 1999 Patricia met Jason Rohn, Executive Director of UTUE, and after incorporating the Clearing Process and a whole foods diet, she made a most amazing recovery.

“Jason asked me if I would like him to help me with my emotions. I said sure, not believing that he could help me or if this process really worked. As we started to do what he called ‘clearing’, the most amazing things started to happen! I started sleeping through the night. For over six years I lived in constant pain, not only from the pancreatitis, but also from the car accident I was in. This was so amazing to me! As we continued to clear, I noticed that the colors all around me were more vibrant and I felt like I was walking on air. My life truly changed overnight.”

Food is an excellent example of the exchange of energy. Foods that have been processed (which is 90% of what grocery stores sell) are dead and lack the life force that they originally had when they were whole. Eating these foods and their energy of processing and machines creates imbalances for the ecosystem of the human body. This is why a holistic approach to nutrition is a synergistic partner to the Clearing Process.

At UTUE, we teach students how to use our unique Clearing Process to remove these negative energies so they can embody a Green Personality. Clearing allows you to see the barriers that are standing in your way so you can get what you need, want, and desire that is in alignment with the purpose of your essence.