Why do we use the same energy to lose weight that we use to gain it?

The coach is in my face, screaming “Push it! drive it through, give me one more (rep)”. When I was in high school sports and then in the Army, this happened often as we did physical training and tried to be the best! Like everyone else I just assumed this was the way to maximum performance. The way to coach others in anything was to push them drive them and say more, more, better, better. Don’t stop, keep going! Right???

As Intuitives, working with many people over many years, we have encountered numerous situations indicating that driving people in this way does NOT work! Why? Because it activates our critical voice that tells us, “we have failed, we’re not good enough.”

So what does this have to do with eating compulsively?

Traditional motivational techniques of willpower, self discipline, self control and competition often make us feel the negative emotions like guilt, shame, hurt and anger. But at the time, we may be suppressing these negative emotions, and therefore not aware of them. The minute we let down our guard of self control, we have the need to eat compulsively, which comes from the buildup of these negative emotions. No wonder there is so much yo-yo weight gain and loss.

Willpower and self control are not sustainable or organic to the way we are designed, especially regarding eating. We’re designed to eat to sustain life and fuel our everyday activity. When we overindulge in eating, or overeat, the simple act of ‘eating’ becomes a coping mechanism to overcome too much negative emotion or emotional pollution.

So, if you find that you do use self control, willpower and competition when dieting, consider that there may be a price you are paying that you aren’t even aware of! The answer is to clear your negative emotions when you have that urge to overeat. Next week find out what you can use in place of self discipline and self control and will power.

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Patricia was interviewed on Blog Radio

To learn more about emotional eating, we invite you to listen to a  radio interview where Patricia, a UTUE Teacher, is interviewed by Samantha Gilbert, founder of  SamiG , to learn more about emotional eating, with a focus on competition energy.

Learn more about Sami G, Your Guide to Nourishment here!  Samantha is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner who is passionate about and totally committed to empowering others to develop an authentic relationship with food that is conscientious, enjoyable and results driven.

Last week we talked about Past Lives, asking: are they real, how to we use this information positively, and how use it negatively. This week, our focus is on how our past lives affect us now, especially as it relates to weight and weight loss.

Think back in history, hundreds and thousands of years. There was poverty, famine, war, as well as all sorts or torture, sexual abuse and cruelty to each other. This list is not meant to depress, but to see how our history relates to our modern world. Here are some examples:

Bondage and sexuality are increasingly more mainstream. The tolerance of visibly portraying the dark side of sexuality on primetime shows (CSI, Law & Order: SVU, to name a few) is increasingly bold. Can you see the connection of today to torture and sexuality in the past?

Competition for money and resources is cutthroat today. We recently had a severe economic downturn that was related to the intense competition for profits. Can you see the relationship of this to poverty in the past?

A recent debate was about use of torture in this climate of terrorism and conflict. Many believed that torture was useful in obtaining information. These beliefs are very deep; could they be related to past lives filled with torture and war?

Violence on TV and movies is extremely popular even though many criticize its use and influence. The truth is that there is a huge market for violent and scary movies because it sells.

Excess weight is common and almost epidemic in proportion.
As Intuitives we see that excess weight helps us cope with many emotions that relate to past lives. Here are some examples:

If we have been abused, tortured or sexually mistreated in the past, we have developed a form of protecting ourselves emotionally by carrying excess weight in the present. Many of these feelings that motivate us to eat are actually helping us unconsciously cover up these memories from the past.

If we have shame about being forced into war and were made to do atrocities just to survive, some of us use food to cover up those feelings of shame. Many men carry extra weight in torso (pot belly, beer belly) that we at UTUE can trace to past lives.

If we experienced famine and starved to death or watched our loved ones starve to death, then pushing away our plate when we’ve had enough may be difficult. In the present, we take our food supply for granted; however, if you didn’t know when the next meal was going to happen, your instinct would be to eat as much as possible every time food was available.

So what do we clear for this past life trauma?

  • The need to cover our feelings with food
  • The fear of not having enough to eat
  • The need to protect ourselves with fat and excess weight

Check out our class on Past Lives being offered on May 20!

Many people ask us if we believe in past lives.

  • Are they real?
  • Can we use the information in a positive way?
  • How do we use past life information in a negative way?

Are past lives real?
In our experience, past lives are not a question of belief, it is a question of perception; when we look at someone’s essence, we see information that is obviously not from the current lifetime. When a student participates in an initial profile, and receives information about themes and challenges, this information is perceived from part of their essence that is older than one lifetime. Many people have information in their essence that is hundreds or thousands of years old. As people choose to develop their intuitive perception, the existence of past lives in our essence is obvious and can be understood.

Using the information in a positive way
We can use past life information in a positive way by focusing on issues that have existed in our essence for many life times. Examples of issues are control and power, or affection and love; many of us are presented with opportunities to deal with these challenges over and over again. Gaining insight about these challenges can give us some clarity about our current life and what we need to clear to go forward. This insight can provide a ‘road map’ to help each of us focus and clear our specific challenges.

Using past life information in a negative way
For some, focusing on past lives is a form of avoiding living in the present. We have heard many people say that “I’m a reincarnation of some famous person in history” as a way to validate someone’s life today. However, this perspective is not helpful. Our focus should always be on this lifetime and what we do with our life today. For others, there is a lot of fear associated with ‘past lives’ and connecting with those energies and information. Understand that we all have intuition and with intuition it is natural to connect to our essence and be aware of the information contained there, including past life information.

Would you like more information about your weight and past lives? We are offering a class where we will take you on a trip into your past lives regarding weight so you can see connections that may contribute your current weight issues.

What can I Clear?
Clear the following to gain self awareness and self acceptance, to make it easier to achieve your weight goals:

  • The veils and illusions so I can see the root causes of my excess weight
  • My impatience about losing weight
  • The barriers to loving my body just the way it is

If you suffer from yo-yo dieting, what causes you to lose weight, hoping it will be different this time, just to gain it back? Do you believe it is lack of discipline, self control, laziness, etc???

If normal weight was ‘normal’, why should it be so challenging to maintain ‘normal’ weight’ that we have to rely on self control or discipline to achieve this?

So what is the problem? When we experience excess weight, our bodies are communicating to us that we need to work with the trauma that is creating and storing negative emotions. Until we adequately address the real cause, it will be normal for us to gain and lose weight over a lifetime. Using discipline to force our body to lose weight is only temporary, not helping us deal with the core issue, but keeping us connected to yo-yo weight gain and loss.

If we address the root cause that is keeping us from maintaining our weight loss, we can gain the ability to maintain our weight easily and effortlessly. This root cause is trauma that is expressed as negative emotions. When you clear while losing weight, you can minimize the effect of the yo-yo diet and move toward having the normal weight you deserve.

Misconceptions about excess weight

1.    Skinny people don’t have trauma

  • They do, they just express their trauma in different ways

2.    That excess weight is only about food choices and exercise

  • These choices help maintain weight, but they are not the only factors

3.    I will be happy when I achieve losing weight, no matter how I do it

  • The trauma that is covered up, if not dealt with will reappear, just differently

What can I Clear?

Clear the following to gain self awareness and self acceptance, to make it easier to ahieve weight loss with the right program for you:

• The veils and illusions so I can see the root causes of my excess weight
• My impatience about losing weight
• The barriers to loving my body just the way it is

Clara couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get sober and lose weight, even though this was her top priority for the last 2 years. In a session, she told me how when she was talking to her mother about it, as in many times before, her mother said, “Don’t worry about it, it will be ok.” Then, at dinner, her mother served red wine and a big plate of spaghetti. What the student realized, was her mother did not hear her request or desires, and that only reinforced her feeling of powerlessness and hopeless to change. By clearing, and increasing her awareness, she realized that her addiction to alcohol and food was emotional coping to her neediness to be accepted in the family, through the clearing, she has been sober for 3 months, lost 5 lbs. and is learning how to not feel powerless in the presence of her mother and family. If you relate to this, consider joining the Living Lighter class to increase your awareness and connection to your physical body so you can change!

Often when we try to lose weight we get trapped into self judgment and self criticism. The UTUE Clearing process is a way to clear the self judgment so the focus can be on the desire to change.

When it comes to the subject of losing weight the focus is on the food you eat, and how to change your diet and exercise. All these things are important factors in losing and maintaining your weight. But is there something else to consider? We invite you to change your perspective to focus on the negative emotions that cause us to overeat, eat compulsively, or eat the wrong foods. If we can change our perspective about our negative emotions, we can change our ability to maintain our weight. What have been your struggles with weight? Do you see a relationship between your emotions and your weight?