The ‘End of the World’ didn’t happen

The ‘End of the World’ didn’t happen

A minister named Harold Camping predicted the end of the world on Saturday, May 21st, 2011. If you’re reading this – it didn’t happen. No earthquakes, doom or despair. However, this prediction got national media attention and Camping had many followers supporting this prediction. So what is the lesson? I’ve read many detailed accounts of how this interpretation was not accurate; even according to the Bible, it was flawed. But I think those discussions miss the whole point.

So what is the Main Point?

It’s about the nature of God or the Creator. It implies that God is judgmental, meaning when we don’t follow the rules, he has no choice but to punish us! That is not what I see at all. I see that God gave us free will and the tools to have an empowered life while we are here. The essence is the primary tool for us to use; it contains the knowing to guide us how to live that empowered life.

So What does this Mean for You?

Don’t look to us for the answers – discover the answers yourself by developing your connection and relationship with your essence! The answers and the connection to God is through your essence. Don’t believe me or anyone else! Know for yourself. As you clear away the veils and illusions that keep you from your essence, the clarity to live your empowered life becomes available.

Develop your connection to your essence

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