The Secret to Getting into the Spirit of the Holidays

The Secret to Getting into the Spirit of the Holidays

The other day someone was telling me that a relative was going to help the family get into the spirit of the holidays by having everyone exchange handmade gifts. I’ve heard stories of families going to soup kitchens to help feed the homeless or do some type of charitable work – to get into the spirit of the holidays. Many focus on church activities to get away from the commercialization of the holidays.

These are all good ideas but a key ingredient is still missing. We are taught that actions bring about feelings, but that is not necessarily true. We often try to program ourselves into the spirit of the holidays by doing certain things. It could be baking or trying to get family to connect, or making extra special decorations or even making sure everyone has really good gifts.

So what is the secret to getting into the spirit of the holidays?? In order to understand the answer you have to understand how the “spirit” of the holiday comes about.

The spirit of the holidays is a feeling or an energy. Programming or taking actions like the ones we just mentioned to overcome negative feelings connected with the holidays may work short term, but isn’t sustainable. Negative feelings build up over time, so as families come together for the holidays, this can become an opportune time for these negative energies to be the expressed.  So while we all want the ‘spirit of the holidays’ to be positive and joyful, past experiences and programming may be prohibiting us from experiencing this joy to its fullest potential.

So what is the answer? First, clearing the negative energies from the past will help you connect to the spirit of the holidays. Those negative energies of grief over loved ones who are no longer present and bad memories of unpleasant holidays build up and create bad feelings that linger years longer than anyone should ever have to endure.

Second, go to that place within where the true spirit of the holidays exists and stay there for awhile. As you go to the place within, connect to Creator Energy to envision a holiday experience with gratitude. As you participate in the season hoopla, when you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed with emotions, take a few seconds or minutes to reconnect with this special time you spent preparing for the holidays.

Contributed by Jason Rohn