Who’s life are you living?

Who’s life are you living?

What a silly question? Of course I’m living my life – right? Well think about it, look what happened to Jane.

Jane did everything right, she studied hard in school and was accepted in a prestigious university, graduating with honors. She got a good job with a company that had a good reputation. She married a guy who also did everything right; they had 2 kids and lived in a nice home. Jane felt she should be happy and satisfied, but she wasn’t.

Next phase of Jane’s life: Jane’s marriage suffered, ending in divorce. The children had problems that the experts couldn’t seem to help. Jane was unhappy and confused. She often wondered “What did I do wrong?”
Like everyone else, Jane had been trained to live according to external standards or someone else’s idea of the best life for her. She didn’t know how to answer the question “What is right for me?”

What exactly is YOUR life?

The knowing for your life is an energy inside you that knows the best way to live YOUR life. But we’re not taught how to get there; it is covered with veils and illusions so we can’t see it clearly. Many of us live in the illusion that we know who we are until things start to unravel.

Chances are if you don’t know how to remove the veils and illusions, you are living someone else’s life! At UTUE, we teach you how to remove the veils and illusions to take your life back.

More about going inward to remove veils and illusions:

Here is how UTUE can help – Read more about going inward here. As we guide you to go inward, you learn how to remove these veils and illusions so you discover what YOUR life is about. Make an appointment today to speak to a UTUE Teacher and begin living YOUR life!