Why do Babies Cry?

Why do Babies Cry?

Do you remember? You were in this great place for 9 months, it was warm, comfortable and inviting. All your needs were met, when you were hungry there was food, when you needed to sleep you slept and when you needed exercise you did baby aerobics. You could talk to mom whenever you wanted and it seemed like you knew how everything worked, like you were connected to some special knowing… hmm…
Then the time came for your important journey, you stuck your head out and looked around, it was cold and way too bright. As you were wrapped in a blanket, you had all these questions! For the last nine months you had all the answers to your questions! Like a miniature book or computer, as you had a question, the answer just came to you, great huh??? Now, you were in this strange cold place with all sorts of questions, and you started to search around your blanket for that instruction manual – OMG – where is it? Whannnnnnnn, Whannnnnnn! That would make any baby cry!

Baby crying: Wahnnnn!

Quick – Grab the instruction manual so baby will stop crying!

You try to tell mom that you lost your instruction manual, but all that comes out is Wahnnnnnnn! Of course, mom has stopped looking for her instruction manual years ago, because she has been trained that all the answers come from a book, her parents, teachers or other experts. She just looks outside herself, not finding what you’re looking for, that special knowing, instruction manual, or what many call or soul!

Did you lose your soul?

Yes, we all have! Our soul, essence or the instruction manual for our unique life has been lost! That manual contains all the answers that we have sought all of our life about who we are, who to love, how to work and how to heal ourselves. It has the knowing to develop our huge potential, how to love ourselves, how to be fully empowered and how to live our unique life.

UTUE is all about helping you connect to your essence!

For years now everything that we do at UTUE is designed to help you reconnect to this part that you lost. Most of you have had individual sessions where we cleared and talked about your Enneagram type. This is all designed to help you reconnect with your essence.

Feel like crying because you lost your connection?

We understand! Call today and set up a session with a UTUE teacher… it is time to stop crying and reconnect.